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Smart Crane Scale

If you’re in the market for a smart crane scale, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’ll explore just what a smart crane scale is, what sets it apart from other crane scales, and some features and benefits to keep in mind when choosing a new weighing system.

Crane scales: past to present

If we were to look back at the history of scales and weighing systems, say to the 19th century, we’d see scales that made use of springs and dials to measure weight.

Moving on to the 20th century, we’d encounter scales that use electronic and digital technology to measure weights more accurately than before—a big leap forward.

But what about the 21st century? Have scales and weighing systems hit a wall in their technological advancement?

Of course not.

Weighing systems, including metal crane scales, continue to advance just like any other technology. But as opposed to the noticeable change from analog to digital technology, today’s advancements are more subtle.

So what are the latest developments in crane scale technology? Meet the “smart crane scale.”

Smart crane scales: a technological advancement

Seems like there’s a “smart” version of just about everything these days: smart phone, smart watch, smart house…

And while crane scales aren’t exactly like smartphones, that doesn’t mean they can’t be “smart” in their own way as well.

So while other manufacturers of crane scales and weighing systems were resting on their laurels with springs and dials, Eilon Engineering has always looked toward the cutting edge of weighing system technology and sought new ways of incorporating it into our scales’ design to help improve performance and safety.

Smart crane scale with portable radio receiver

That desire to lead the field in the advancement of lifting and weighing technology led to the development of our portable radio receiver (PRR) for our Ron StageMaster and CraneMaster multi-point systems.

The PRR is a compact and highly portable Bluetooth-compatible load monitoring system capable of monitoring up to 75 individual load cells from the convenience of an iPad or iPhone using the Ron StageMaster app.

That’s right, with the PPR and Bluetooth technology, you can monitor loads in real-time right on your smartphone! 

Eilon Engineering’s PPR technology represents the world's first truly “smart crane scale.”

The Ron StageMaster/CraneMaster Portable Radio Receiver has a range of features and benefits that represent some of the most advanced load monitoring capabilities available today.

  • The Bluetooth connection means there’s no need for WiFi or additional equipment.
  • Up to 150-meter/450-foot range from the loading point.
  • Multiple display and visualization options allow you to monitor loads as a real-time load map, bar graphs, or in a detailed list.
  • The pocked-sized design affords excellent portability and convenience for the entire crew.
  • Intuitive, simple operation including add/remove load cells, TARE, ZERO, and the setting of overload/underload alarms—all from a single screen.

This smart crane scale system of a PRR together with load cells is a great introductory-level option for those who want to get started with multi-point load monitoring in a cost-effective solution. 

Ron StageMaster and CraneMaster systems

Having a PPR that allows for iPhone and tablet connection isn’t the only “smart” thing about our systems. Our Ron StageMaster and CraneMaster systems offer several other technological advantages.

Features and benefits

  • 0.1% accuracy with Eilon Classic load cells
  • 24/7 continuous load monitoring 
  • Industry-leading battery life of up to 5,000 hours 
  • Optional extended range up to several km/miles
  • 200 load cells per monitoring station
  • Proven wireless technology since 1976
  • Integration of wireless and wired systems
  • Fatigue-rated load cells

Eilon Engineering weighting systems are trusted by some of the world’s most reputable companies, organizations, and agencies. The Ron CraneMaster has been used on high-profile projects by NASA and Boeing, including the joint Starliner project where four 10-ton Ron crane scales are regularly used to lift and weigh the space capsule.

Further, the Ron StageMaster is regularly used on major world tours and entertainment events such as Metallica, Cirque du Soleil, and many others. 

Single-point crane scales

Today, you don’t need to use a multi-point system to get many of the same great technological benefits. In fact, all of our metal crane scales offer advanced technology, with a variety of optional add-ons and features.

Thermal crane scales

If you’re working in an environment with extreme heat, like a foundry, you’ll need a thermal crane scale. For this sort of application, we offer a heat shield to protect the metal crane scale. The heat shield slows the rise in temperature when the system is exposed to high heat, and the optional internal thermometer lets operators monitor the system’s temperature to make sure it doesn’t overheat.

If you’re in the market for a thermal crane scale, these technologies are an absolute must.

Rechargeable crane scales

If you’re looking for rechargeable crane scales, we’ve got an option for that as well. Despite our unbeatable, industry-leading battery life, all batteries do eventually run out. 

But with the rechargeable battery option, you can turn any Eilon model into a fully rechargeable crane scale—no matter if it’s a smaller 1-ton system, or one of our heavy 25-ton crane scales.

Telemetry crane scales

Telemetry crane scales are another way to say “wireless” crane scales. And with a proven track record of developing wireless technology for crane scales since 1976, Eilon Engineerig’s Ron Crane Scales are a great choice for advanced telemetry crane scales.

Get in touch today

Choosing a smart crane scale that features the most advanced technology is always a “smart” decision.

Visit our online shop for more info about specific systems. Or, speak to a sales representative today. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

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