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Portability & Headroom Loss

Portability & Minimum Headroom Loss

The RON crane scales, hanging scales, load cells and dynamometers have very small dimensions and are light weight. Consequently, the systems ensure minimum headroom loss and are especially portable.


There are several features that make scales especially suitable for cranes and hoists: Portability, minimum headroom loss, suitability for working on-site, and more. 

RON systems are especially suitable for working on-site:
In addition to the RON systems' extremely light weight which makes them portable, their batteries last for 2,000 hours and they are available in small carrying cases. These unique features grant RON load cell, dynamometer, crane scale and hanging scale series a clear advantage in the portable use market segment: for working on-site, frequent carrying of systems, climbing high poles (electricity companies), etc. 

The short length of RON crane scales, hanging scales, dynamometers and load cells also ensures minimum headroom loss. This is a significant advantage in indoor applications since height is often limited in roofed buildings and factories. 

Thanks to their small dimensions and light weight, the RON systems which include crane scales, hanging scales and dynamometers, overload detectors and load cells have significant advantages in the above-mentioned applications. Where scales for cranes are concerned, these advantages are translated into efficiency and cost reduction. 

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US / Canada / International: 1-888-778-8064

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