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We purchased a Ron 2000 20 ton and 100 ton load cells from Eilon Engineering
The tool was purchased for our Subsea projects in order to weigh submarine and subsea items used in drilling rigs and gas production platforms.
I would like to mention that outstanding service from Eilon Engineering company that they were available any time for our needs and gave us the best prices for this product.

Moshe Adato
Noble Energy Mediterranean LTD
September 17th, 2020


We have in our arsenal several in-line wireless load cells from the   Eilon products, ranging from 50t to 200t.
For a recent project we have added the Ron 2501 125t Wireless load cell.
It has been utilized as In-line Tension meter for Subsea mooring installation. The load cell was subjected to both static and dynamic loads and we are extremely happy with the performance and reliability of the product.

Mike Peleg
EDT Marine Construction Ltd.
September 23rd, 2020



"...We purchased our first set of Ron Crane Scales in 2012 to assist with critical lifts that require continuous load-monitoring. The wireless remote indication offered with model 2501 satisfies our needs and as a result of Ron Scale’s reliable operation we have since purchased three additional units, all of which continue to operate flawlessly  and perform well beyond our expectations..."

Dan Brochu
Dominion Energy
August 12, 2019

Split picture showing rigging for pipe lift and the pipe itself


"...the products of Eilon Engineering are sturdy and we are happy with the same..."

Precision Sensors & Systems
August 13th, 2019


"...The Ron Crane scales 2501-H that we have are working great. We are a heavy industrial cast/ductile iron Foundry.  
The Foundry has been around since the late 1800s. Our precision made castings weigh between 12,000 lbs-200,000 lbs. 
We have 3 - 50 ton induction melting furnaces.
We charge our Furnaces with an OH 10 ton crane using a standard Block/Hook. The Ron 2501 scales hang from hook and a 52” DC magnet 
hangs from the scale. Th

e average charging weight is around 8,000 lbs per charge.
The Ron 2501 scales have proven so far to take the heat while charging. The light weight/small design makes it easy to handle when taking off
With the small design height issues we had before no longer exist. 
Overall, I’m pleased with the Ron 2501 for our application..."

Terry Waite
Hodge Foundry 
August 14th, 2019


Balcones Technologies, LLC under contract with the US Army developed vehicle self-recovery poses for a vehicle equipped with an active suspension. 
The active suspension developed at the University of Texas Center for Electromechanics features high bandwidth controlled actuators on each of the vehicles wheels. 
A test approach was developed for the self-recovery poses which involved measuring the vehicles drawbar pull capacity while tires are spinning and slipping.
The tests were performed on asphalt, dry grass, and gravel. 
It was anticipated that the self-extraction poses would provide momentary improvement in the vehicle traction which could be detected by measuring the drawbar pull force. 
Baseline tests with active suspension off and then test were performed with the suspension while performing various poses. 
A light weight load cell with dynamic measurement capability was desired which led to the selection of the Ron Crane 4000 load cell. 
We chose it with the analog output feature and recorded it on the vehicles data acquisition system.  
The vehicles 24VDC power  was used to power the load cell. The Ron Crane load cell worked well in our application.  
We were able to collect data at 100 samples/sec and demonstrated ability to cyclically improve vehicle traction.

Damon Weeks
Balcones Technologies, LLC 
July 26th, 2018


...we always find Eilon efficient, accurate, and a pleasure to work with!

Dorothy Gould
Rigging Specialties 
July 26th, 2018


Our employees are really happy, they say it was easy to install, it’s easy to work with, takes little space to store, and it doesn’t take away too much length on our chain sling.  It’s a great product!

Pierre Chevalier
July 16th, 2018



"...The customer is very happy with the product..."  

Gino Bianchetti
August 14, 2019


"Eilon scales are technologically superior to most crane scales we have worked on and with. Most users can benefit immensely by upgrading into a more robust, high technology and superbly designed product like Eilon's products."

Manolo Morales
President and Technical Manager
Philippine Geoanalytics Calibration and Measurement Laboratory Corporation
July 26, 2021
















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