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Load Cells


Load cells, or more specifically hanging or crane load cells, are devices used to measure weight, force, or tension in various industrial applications. A load cell is a common component in many weighing systems, and while there is a large variety of types of load cells, at Eilon Engineering, our focus is on those load cells that are used to measure lifted loads and in tension applications.

Depending on the nature of your application, you may need a wired or wireless load cell. Further, a multi-point load cell system would be necessary for certain types of applications. Eilon Engineering offers a range of load cells, including wireless load cells in both single and multi-point load cell weighing systems. 

Load cells are an integral part of many types of weighing systems, including crane scales and dynamometers which include an integral or remote display. Or, an analog load cell can be paired with a PLC, like our Ron 4000 load cell.

Shackle Pin Load Cell
Shackle Pin: Extremely low headroom and quick installation Bluetooth compatibility with iPhones / iPads (no WiFi required). Extremely short response time, monitors up to 200 load cells per second Continuous Load Monitoring 24/7/365. Unbeatable Battery Life up to 5,000 hours
Eilon Classic Load Cell
Eilon Classic: High accuracy low headroom load cell Designed for quick installation and versatile use. Bluetooth compatibility with iPhones / iPads (no WiFi required). Extremely short response time, monitors up to 200 load cells per second. 0.1% accuracy. Continuous Load Monitoring 24/7/365. Unbeatable Battery Life up to 5,000 hours. Extreme Range up to several km/miles. (optional) 200 Load Cells per Monitoring Station. Proven Wireless Technology since 1976. Integration of wireless and wired systems. Fatigue rated load cells.
Ron Bluetooth Receiver
Bluetooth: Ron StageMaster PRR (Portable Radio Receiver), a compact and highly portable Bluetooth-compatible load monitoring system capable of monitoring up to 75 individual load cells from the convenience of an iPad or iPhone using the Ron StageMaster App.
Ron StageMaster 5000G5 Wired Multipoint Load Monitoring
Ron StageMaster 5000 Wired load monitoring system with single cable. Fatigue rated - ideal for permanent or long term installations Extremely short response time, monitors up to 200 load cells per second. 0.1% accuracy. Continuous Load Monitoring 24/7/365.
Ron 4000 Analog Load Cell
Load Cell with Built-in Amplifier with a 5-year warranty made from high quality aerospace steel and up to 300 ton weighing capacity. Read consumer reports

Crane scale vs. load cell

When it comes to hanging or crane load cells, we should make a distinction between this term and other terms like dynamometer and crane scale. Both dynamometers and crane scales make use of a load cell as part of their design. The load cell is the part of the system to which the force or tension is applied. 

The load cell has a strain gauge attached to it, which measures the slight changes to the load cell body when force or tension is applied to it. This produces a signal which is then converted to a unit of measurement which can then be displayed on a remote display. 

And while our lines of dynamometers and crane scales all come complete with an integrated or remote display, we also offer a load cell body alone WITHOUT a display—our Ron 4000 load cell.

So when it comes to the issue of crane scale vs. load cell, remember that a load cell is part of a crane scale, but a crane scale also includes a display and a hook.

Load cell benefits

Both wired and wireless load cells are very portable compared to platform scales or other weighing devices. This means you can transport the load cell to the object you need to weigh rather than having to move that large, heavy object over to the scale, saving both time and labor costs.

Another advantage of load cells is they increase workplace safety by giving accurate measurements of heavy objects. Knowing a given load’s weight ensures that the lifting equipment will be able to safely handle the load. This can prevent damage to both the equipment being used and any personnel in the vicinity.

Both single and multi-point load cell systems are sometimes used to keep track of inventory in an efficient and accurate manner. This allows operators to accurately measure the load weight whenever inventory is moved so that the business can better keep track of it and reduce the potential for human error.

Eilon Engineering load cells: advantages

Eilon Engineering load cells offer a number of advantages.

Since all of our weighing systems incorporate the same innovative load cell design, you know you’ll always get a top-notch weighing system: whether it’s a crane scale, dynamometer, or an analog load cell.


  • All of our systems come with an industry-leading 5-year warranty, demonstrating our commitment to quality.
  • Our systems are fatigue-rated, meaning they have an unlimited number of load cycles so long as the load cell body has never been overloaded. 
  • Our load cell bodies feature unique 90-degree offset shackle holes for increased stability. And they’re made of high-grade aerospace steel for maximum strength. 


  • Incredible 5000 hours of “always on” battery life for continuous monitoring. 
  • Lightweight and portable design for easy installation and transportation.
  • The short length of the load cell body ensures minimal headroom loss.

The Ron 4000 load cell

The Ron 4000 is an analog load cell with a built-in amplifier and does not include an indicator or display of any kind. This sets it apart from our lines of dynamometers and crane scales which are electronic—the Ron 4000 is strictly analog. 

This model load cell is designed to be used with programmable logic controllers (PLC’s) or similar devices. These devices are capable of interpreting an analog signal, which means no further display is required. If you’re not familiar with using a PLC or similar device, please have a look at our line of dynamometers and crane scales.

Some examples of applications where a Ron 4000 load cell would be used include:

  • Controlled tensioning of a rubber belt conveyor.
  • Continuous weighing of steam piping in a power station to detect water condensation in pipes and drain them when the maximum permitted level is reached.
  • Test self-recovery poses for a vehicle equipped with an active suspension.

Ron™ load cells offer the same unique design as our dynamometer models making them exceptionally small and lightweight while remaining robust and excellent for heavy duty applications. 
Ron™ load cells are used for crane weight measurement when installed in-line or at the dead end of a multiple reeving crane. Crane load cells are used by a variety of crane manufacturers.
Available with 4-20mA or 0-2v output they are designed for use with PLCs and similar devices.
Fatigue rated and proof loaded to 200%.

Ron™ load cells do not include a display.
For complete systems please see our dynamometer and crane scale models

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US / Canada / International: 1-888-778-8064

UK: 0800 8620354


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