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Weighing During Manufacture

Crane scales and dynamometers allow users to gather important information by combining lifting and measuring into one step, eliminating the need for separate weighing stages during manufacturing:

  • Weighing incoming raw materials to verify supplier’s delivery documentation.
  • Carefully monitoring quantities of raw material to ensure accurate and successful  manufacturing
  • Increasing efficiency during manufacture and providing important information for stock management and control.
  • Weighing outgoing shipments of products and also scrap to recoup meaningful profit loss.
  • Checking “work in  progress” on a production line allowing manufacturing personnel to monitor any problems pertinent to the particular project.
  • Inventory is controlled with real time readings in one operation from manufacturing to warehouse and finally to customer shipment.

Ron Crane Scales are supplied with large, easy to read, hand held indicators with clear displays  which enable convenient and safe reading of results, even in harsh manufacturing conditions.

Ron Crane Scales and dynamometers are available with the following relevant options:

RS-232 for continuous output of measurements to computers, PLCs and printers, Totalizer,Data Logger, Set Points and additional displays.

Ron CraneMaster may also be relevant here:

Monitor up to 200 wireless or wired load cells transmitting to one receiver and all load values are displayed on one screen as a real time load map or integrated with existing control systems


Recommended Models

Ron 2000-S

Wired Dynamometer

Ron 2125-S

Wired Dynamometer with Attachable Display

Ron 2150-S

Wired Dynamometer with Attachable Display

Ron 2501-S

Wireless Dynamometer

Ron 2000-H

Wired Crane Scale

Ron 2125-H

Wired Crane Scale with Attachable Display

Ron 2150-H

Wired Crane Scale with Attachable Display

Ron 2501-H

Wireless Crane Scale

Ron 3050

Integrated Display Crane Scale with Protective Cage

Ron 3025

Integrated Display Crane Scale with Protective Cage

Ron CraneMaster

Multi point load monitoring

Ron CraneMaster

A small hoist is used to lift a metal assembly

A metal coil is lifted and weighed





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0800 8620354


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