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Crane Scales

When selecting a crane scale, considering what range you need is critical to a successful measurement system. You will want a crane scale that can accurately measure loads that you would expect to encounter. You will need to consider what the heaviest load you ever expect to measure is and choose something that does not compromise resolution for too much measurement range.

Depending on what you need, our crane scales are highly customizable. Crane scales can be purchased with an analog output, digital RS-232 communications, Bluetooth, or radio frequency. Depending on how you want to access your measurement data, there is a solution for you. If you are planning on using a PLC, a digital display, or a laptop to read your measurement display, Eilon Engineering has a solution for you.

There are a lot of things that you can customize on a Ron Crane Scale. Not only can you choose the data output that you want, but you can customize many other features as well. These features include longer life batteries, pelican cases, data loggers, displays, and much more. We are happy to tailor a crane scale to your company's needs.

If you have questions or are unsure of what to order for your measurement application, then contact our sales staff today. Our team will gladly answer any questions that you have and point you in the right direction on our crane scale products. For tasks both big and small, our team is happy to help you find just what you need.

At Eilon Engineering, we specialize in crane scale sales of various designs. With more than 45 years of experience, you can rest assured that our products are robust and offer the best solution at competitive prices. Our high-profile customers, such as Siemens, NASA, Cirque du Soleil, Disney, and Boeing attest not only to the high quality of our products but to our customer service as well.

Our Ron Crane Scales™ range is designed from the ground up with a focus on quality; safety; ease of use and a wide variety of possible applications.
If you’re looking to purchase a crane scale, Eilon Engineering has been dealing with the development, manufacture, as well as crane scales sales for over 45 years and can provide the ideal solution for your needs.


We manufacture and handle crane scale sales for many industries, including:

●    Oil and gas 
●    Entertainment
●    Wind turbines
●    Safety inspection (proof testing)
●    Crane manufacturers
●    Industrial manufacturers
●    Aerospace industries

What is a Crane Scale Load Cell?

A load cell is a transducer that converts a force such as tension, compression, pressure, or torque into an electrical signal that can be measured and standardized. As the force applied to the load cell increases, the electrical signal changes proportionally. Although there are many varieties of force sensors, strain gauge load cells are the most commonly used type.
Our load cells are based on a group of strain gauges that generate an analog signal. Our in-house designed electronics convert this into a digital signal which can then be displayed as a force or weight measurement. Measurements can be shown on a wired/wireless handheld indicator, multiple remote displays or on an integrated display. Multiple crane scales' load cells can be used to measure force and weight on complex structures.
Crane scales load cells are generally used in applications where load or weight measurements are required. They can provide an additional layer of safety or add functionality to existing equipment.

Applications of our Crane Scale Load cells

If you’re looking to weigh or measure tension from a suspended load, we have the product that will fit the bill. Please contact us about our overhead crane scale sales. Due to the versatility of our load cells and crane scales, they are suitable for a wide range of uses and environments, such as:.

  • Periodic crane safety testing. Perform regular proof test inspections on cranes, hoists, and various load-bearing structures.
  • Foundries. Measure the exact amount of molten material in a ladle or crucible.
  • Shipment weighing. Determine precise weights for raw materials or finished products.
  • Overload prevention. Protect your personnel and equipment from overloads.
  • Advanced inventory management

Eilon Engineering’s Ron Crane Scale™ load cells advantages: 

To offer maximum application flexibility, we offer:

  • Single or multi-point measurement. Multiple load cells (up to 200 points) that work together and can monitor and display complex lifting using our Ron CraneMaster system. 
  • Wireless crane scales. These scales can transmit data to either a display or to a receiver. The receiver is connected to a computer running our monitoring software which consolidates data from multiple load cells and displays the information on a detailed load map.
  • Digital crane scale readout either locally or remotely.
  • Option of additional and extra-large displays.
  • 0.1% of full scale accuracy.
  • Body manufactured using only aerospace steel for long life and safety.
  • Market leading five year warranty.
  • Offset shackle holes by 90 degrees for reduced bending.
  • Range of crane scale capacities from half a ton up to 300 tons.
  • Optional built-in, manual, or automatic data logger. This allows you to record measurements for later analysis and record keeping. The loggers also come equipped with an RS-232 serial output and an optional USB adapter.
  • Environmental resilience. Our wireless crane scale load cells are IP67 rated as standard.
  • Battery-powered load cells with optional rechargeable batteries and charger.
  • On some crane scale models, we can provide a shock-absorbing cage and infra-red remote control.
  • Fatigue rated load cells
  • Exceptional battery life of 2000 hours (4000 hour option available on wireless models)

Why choose Eilon Engineering’s Ron Crane Scales™ brand of crane weight scales?

When you buy an industrial crane scale from Eilon Engineering you know that not only are you getting cost-competitive products but ones that are reliable, accurate, and state-of-the-art. 
In addition to the extensive benefits that our crane hanging scales offer, they never sacrifice low nonlinearity, high resolution, or consistent repeatability.
We are BS ISO 9001:2015 certified incorporating ANSI Z540. All our load cells are fatigue- rated for an unlimited number of load cycles (provided rated capacity is not exceeded) according to ASME BTH-1 and IEC 61508.
We provide NIST traceable calibration certificates with all systems shipped.
You are supported by an extensive international network of authorized service providers.

For Hanging Scale Sales Contact Eilon Engineering

If you need a heavy duty crane scale, let our specialized team of staff provide a product or system that meets all your requirements at a competitive cost. We have decades of experience and knowledge in producing wired and wireless crane scales that allow us to provide a solution that suits you.
Call Eilon Engineering to discuss how our unique skills and experience can benefit your business.


Eilon Engineering Presents: Ron Crane Scales

Ron Crane Scales brand of crane scales

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US / Canada / International: 1-888-778-8064

UK: 0800 8620354


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