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Wireless Load Shackle


Eilon Engineering Wireless Load Shackles

For projects where you don’t have a lot of headroom or projects where you are lifting something pretty heavy, a load shackle is a great choice. The load shackle provides a way to measure the force on the shackle’s pin and be sure you aren’t exceeding acceptable limits. The problem with a lot of load shackles is that if you are lifting something heavy and tall (let’s say a rocket for example) or simply out of reach like in stage rigging, you need a way to get readings from the load shackle wherever your operators might be. Wireless load shackles solve this problem by allowing you to transmit the load data wirelessly so that it can be monitored from a distance.

If you are in need of a wireless load shackle or an entire multi-point load cell system, contact us at Eilon Engineering. With over 45 years in the business of load cells, we are confident in our product and our knowledge. We can help you get the right load shackle for the job. Whether you need a load cell with a display or something you can communicate with wirelessly, we can help you find the right product to fit your needs.

Ron StageMaster 5000G5 Wired Multipoint Load Monitoring
Ron StageMaster 5000 Wired load monitoring system with single cable. Fatigue rated - ideal for permanent or long term installations Extremely short response time, monitors up to 200 load cells per second. 0.1% accuracy. Continuous Load Monitoring 24/7/365.
Ron Bluetooth Receiver
Bluetooth: Ron StageMaster PRR (Portable Radio Receiver), a compact and highly portable Bluetooth-compatible load monitoring system capable of monitoring up to 75 individual load cells from the convenience of an iPad or iPhone using the Ron StageMaster App.
Eilon Classic Load Cell
Eilon Classic: High accuracy low headroom load cell Designed for quick installation and versatile use. Bluetooth compatibility with iPhones / iPads (no WiFi required). Extremely short response time, monitors up to 200 load cells per second. 0.1% accuracy. Continuous Load Monitoring 24/7/365. Unbeatable Battery Life up to 5,000 hours. Extreme Range up to several km/miles. (optional) 200 Load Cells per Monitoring Station. Proven Wireless Technology since 1976. Integration of wireless and wired systems. Fatigue rated load cells.
Shackle Pin Load Cell
Shackle Pin: Extremely low headroom and quick installation Bluetooth compatibility with iPhones / iPads (no WiFi required). Extremely short response time, monitors up to 200 load cells per second Continuous Load Monitoring 24/7/365. Unbeatable Battery Life up to 5,000 hours

So what are load shackles used for normally? The most common application is when things are being lifted. Lifting equipment or objects that can weigh tons, can be dangerous. To ensure that there’s never any sort of overload, you can constantly monitor the tension in the line. This way you can be completely aware of how everything is performing.

One of the latest uses for wireless load shackles is in the monitoring of complex overhead rigging found in live concerts, theaters and convention centers. Entertainment rigging can be a highly complex suspended structure. Even when the weight of each item hung from the rigging is known, the challenge of achieving even load distribution remains. Any suspended beam or truss with 3 or more support points is considered to be an indeterminate structure, making it impossible to evenly distribute loads without directly measuring the forces on each support point.

In addition, there are a lot of different industrial applications for these devices. These are often used in foundries, oil & gas installations, ports, mines, installing wind turbines, and while loading rockets. All of these different industries frequently require lifting heavy equipment. You want to make sure that you are protecting your equipment, the people running it, and the things that you are lifting. Load shackles are a great way to do all of that.

So, why would you want a wireless load shackle? What advantages does that offer? With a standard load cell, strain gauges are used to measure the force applied. These strain gauges output a mV/V output. With some load cells, that is the only output you will get, and you need to run it through your own signal conditioning in order to get a more readable analog or digital output. Some load cells will have internal signal conditioning which can convert that mV/V output to something like 0-10V or 4-20mA output.

With any of these types of signals, you are going to need some sort of IO device that can read the voltage or current signal and convert that back to a force reading. By using a wireless load shackle, you no longer have to worry about wiring the load cell to a signal conditioner and from the signal conditioner to an IO device. Instead, the signal conditioning is all done internally. The force data is then passed via Bluetooth to nearby devices. This makes it much simpler and quicker to monitor equipment remotely.

You may be wondering if there are any other advantages to using wireless technology for your weight monitoring applications. Apart from simply monitoring things remotely, you also have the huge advantage of expandability. In developing systems, finding a flexible and expandable solution is critical. Rigid, hard to adapt solutions can cost companies millions of dollars. By choosing the right hardware, you can easily expand your system to provide further features and functionality to your systems.

If you start with a single load shackle that you are using to monitor one crane, it may not seem like you need to worry too much about this. Although, it could turn out that in a couple years, you want to monitor 10 nearby cranes all from a single central location. Now you are hoping that you have an expandable solution so you can easily add multiple sensors and easily communicate to a central location. If you chose an expandable solution, this isn’t a problem at all.

The same also applies when seeking a load monitoring system for use in stage rigging. Since each show, tour and venue is different the ability to expand is critical for the future longevity and customization of the system.

It’s important that you always leave room for things to grow. The requirements of today rarely are the requirements several years down the road. Choosing a platform that can allow you to monitor hundreds of wireless load cells from a single location will save you a lot of headaches down the road.

Eilon Engineering Products

Eilon Engineering offers several product lines that are industry proven and backed by an industry leading 5 year warranty. If you are in need of a load cell, you don’t need to look any further than Eilon Engineering!

Eilon Engineering offers a wide array of various shackle load cells that are entirely wireless. If you need a load cell with a hand-held display, Eilon Engineering offers those as well. The models shown are an example of the various entirely wireless tension link load cells and various shackle load cells that are offered. Each of these is backed with an industry leading warranty, great accuracy, long battery life, and can all be easily integrated into a multi-point load cell system.

Trust Eilon Engineering

If you are in need of a way to measure weight, contact Eilon Engineering today. Our team of highly experienced load cell experts can help you get the right load cell for your application. These load cells work great independently with a display, outputting a signal to a PLC, or communicating wirelessly to your laptop, tablet, or phone. Whatever your weight monitoring needs might be, Eilon Engineering can help you find the load cell and system that will solve your needs.

Whether you are an off-shore oil rig, commercial space travel company, venue, live concert, sports event stadium, or mining company, great value can be added to your company by monitoring weight. Let our experts help you meet your needs and set you up with an easily expandable and very user-friendly system.

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US / Canada / International: 1-888-778-8064

UK: 0800 8620354


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