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Crane Scale Manufacturer


Eilon Engineering has established itself as one of the leading crane scale manufacturers in the world and counts on 45 years of experience with repeat customers such as NASA, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and many others.

As part of our extensive product line-up, we manufacture both single load-point and multi-load point systems. Options for both include wired or wireless (or a combination), RS-232 serial communication, environmental protection, alarms, and data logging.

Single point load monitoring—an Eilon Engineering crane scale load cell monitoring system is placed between the hook on a crane which measures the load lifted.

Multi-point load monitoring—if you need to manage complex, multi-crane lifts involving extra heavy loads, multiple crane scale load cells are used to suspend the items. Our Ron CraneMaster™ system integrates these multiple measurements and uses our advanced software to display the measurements as a real-time load map that can take up to 200 points into consideration and display them simultaneously. Multi-point systems can also be used for monitoring individual crane weighing stations.

As a leading crane scale manufacturer, one of our specialties is load monitoring for the entertainment industry. This may involve tons of sound, video, and control equipment such as loudspeakers, lights, and so on. This equipment is usually suspended above performers or an audience. In these situations, safety is critical and all loads need to be carefully monitored to ensure that there are no accidents as an overload may cause a loss of life. To address these issues, Eilon Engineering has developed our Ron StageMaster™ system that can monitor hundreds of load cells, in real-time, on one laptop screen, and create a detailed load map.


We provide a worldwide network of service centers worldwide to provide real-time support should you need it. We are available almost 24/7, by either phone or email and we will soon be available for online chat as well.

We supply Eilon Classic load cells in any capacity of up to 300 tons.

The shapes of shackle-pin load cells cannot deliver high accuracy, linearity, and repeatability. Our Eilon Classic load cells do provide all of these.

In our modern era, live events are characterized by an ever more complex array of dynamic light, audio, and video equipment, often resulting in tens of tons of massive equipment being suspended directly over people's heads - creating a huge safety challenge. These loads must be closely monitored to ensure public safety.

Eilon Engineering’s crane scale load cell advantages

These are some of the features we provide to offer you maximum crane scale application flexibility:

  • Data transmission to either a display or to a receiver. The receiver is connected to a computer running our monitoring software that consolidates data from multiple load cells and displays the information on a detailed load map.
  • Multiple and extra-large displays.
  • High accuracy.
  • Only aerospace steels are used for the body for long life and safety.
  • Market-leading five-year warranty.
  • Shackle holes are offset by 90 degrees to reduce flexing.
  • Full range from half a ton up to 300 tons.
  • Optional built-in, manual, or automatic data logging that allows you to record measurements for later analysis. The loggers also come equipped with an RS-232 serial output and an optional USB adapter.
  • Environmental resilience, IP67 rating as standard.
  • Battery-powered load cells with optional rechargeable batteries and charger. Extended battery life of 2000 hours (4000-hour option available on wireless models).
  • A shock-absorbing cage and infra-red remote control are available on some models.

Cutting-edge technology

Our wireless crane scales are based on cutting-edge strain gauge technology. A strain gauge is a sensor that measures strain by varying its electrical resistance. The strain imposed on the sensor causes deformation or displacement of material. The strain gauge converts the applied force, pressure, torque, and so on, into an analog electrical signal that can be measured. We convert this analog reading into a digital signal, interpret it, and either display it on a readout or store it as a dataset for later analysis. 

What to look for when choosing load cells

Whatever industry you’re in, aerospace, oil and gas, entertainment, or safety inspection (proof testing), as a world leader in crane dynamometers, our products will provide you with years of accurate and reliable measurements.

Accuracy can be influenced by many factors. Some of the factors that you should consider when looking at accuracy are:

  • Heavy-duty designs with shock-absorbing mechanisms.
  • Linearity.
  • Environmental resilience—IP 67/NEMA 4-Weatherproof standard for Ron 2501, optional for all other models.
  • Temperature effects.

Contact Eilon Engineering for all your crane scale needs

If you’re looking for a reliable crane scale manufacturer or crane load cell manufacturer, let Eilon Engineering provide a product or system that meets all your requirements at a competitive cost. We have decades of experience and knowledge in producing crane weighing systems that allow us to provide a solution that suits you.

Call Eilon Engineering to discuss how our unique skills and experience can benefit your business.

Call Us:

US / Canada / International: 1-888-778-8064

UK: 0800 8620354


US / Canada / International: 1-888-778-8064

UK: 0800 8620354


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