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RON crane scales, hanging scales and dynamometers enable safe and convenient reading of the display from a distance without the need to approach the load. This is an important safety feature.
Reading the display from a safe distance is possible with RON systems thanks to their standard hand-held indicators or integral large displays (up to 2" / 50mm), or both, i.e. crane scales and dynamometers with removable displays. 




RON crane scales, hanging scales, dynamometers, overload detectors and load cells offer a high degree of safety thanks to the superior quality material used in their manufacture: aerospace quality steel. 
Aerospace quality steel requires the strictest manufacturing quality control and is subject to rigorous inspection throughout the manufacturing process. 

Superior quality material used for RON crane scale, dynamometer, overload detector and load cell series ensures the highest possible safety. 

Safety features are very important in lifting and rigging activities and therefore also in cranescales, dynamometers, overload detectors and load cells. 




RON crane weighing scales and dynamometers have a unique structural design which enhances their safety: The load cells' shackle holes are rotated 90° in relation to each other. 
The RON crane weighing scales and dynamometers' load cell design with 90° rotation between the shackle holes eliminates the influence of external moments that often occurs during lifting and rigging activities, and thus increases safety and accuracy. 

External moments are dangerous as they reduce accuracy and in extreme conditions may cause failure and even accidents.

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US / Canada / International: 1-888-778-8064

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