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Customization & Adaptation

1. RON crane scales, crane weighing scales and dynamometers are especially suitable for offshore environments and are available with offshore adaptations. 

RON crane scales, crane weighing scales and dynamometers are rated at IP 65 sealing level. In addition, two higher sealing level options are available:
1) IP 67 sealing level: Instead of the four regular connectors, four special offshore type connectors.
2) IP 68 sealing level: Load cell with an underwater capability option: For cases where the load cell might be briefly submerged in water (up to 1ft/0.5m). This option will ensure that the brief submersion will not damage the load cell. 


2. RON crane scales, crane weighing scales and dynamometers are available with special adaptations for foundries and other hot temperature industries:

In applications that involve hot temperatures such as foundries and other hot industries, it is difficult to use a cable between the display and the load cell. In such conditions, RON wireless crane scales, crane weighing scales and dynamometers are an ideal choice. 

RON 2501 wireless crane scales and dynamometers offer a unique advantage: The RON 2501 is programmed to verify that the transmitted value is identical to the received (and indicated) value. If the system identifies that the two values are not identical (which might happen due to environmental interference, for example), the system's display will show "Transmission Error". This is an important safety feature because under no circumstances will the RON 2501 indicate a different value than the transmitted one, which could be dangerous. 

3. RON crane scales, crane weighing scale and dynamometer series can be fully adapted to customers' needs: 

For customers with special requirements, RON Dynamometers, Hanging Scales, Load Cells and Crane Weighing Scales can be customized to individual requirements.




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