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Boeing NASA Starliner Capsule
With forty years of unrivaled experience in the marketplace, Eilon Engineering is enjoying and celebrating with great pride the more than two decades of technical collaboration and sales to NASA.
Stage safety
In events such as live theatre performances, concerts and other events including circuses or exhibitions there is usually a large audience and performer participation.
Crane lifting
The potential for an overload is always present whenever a load is lifted by a crane. Accurate weight measurement of the load is critical to preventing dangerous overloads.
Weighing in foundries
Load monitoring in foundries and other high temperature environments is very important. The use of a load monitoring system allows a foundry to carefully control the addition of additives, preventing waste and giving the foundry greater control over the composition of their metal.
Weighing during manufacture
Crane scales and dynamometers allow users to gather important information by combining lifting and measuring into one step, eliminating the need for separate weighing stages during manufacturing:
Shipment weighing takes advantage of the lifting that takes place during loading and unloading, and utilizes it for important weight data collection.
Controlled cable tensioning
Controlled cable tensioning of overhead electricity and communication lines helps reach optimal cable tension while avoiding damage to cables due to changes in cable length caused by environmental influences A wire pull test is also very important in suspension bridges, antennas and large tents that are supported by guy wires.
Dynamometer bollard pull test
Bollard pull tests are conducted in order to check a tugboat’s pull force capability. Ron™ Dynamometers are often used for bollard pull tests and drag force measurement of vehicles, like tractors and other types of towing machinery.
Crane load cells
Periodical proof tests are performed to lifting equipment (hoists, winches, cranes, shackles, hooks, etc.) and load bearing structures (gantries, anchor points, etc.) to ensure that they perform to their specifications, as well as to required standards and regulations.
Wind turbines
In the wind power industry, Eilon Engineering load cells, dynamometers and crane scales are increasingly being used during the installation, proof load testing on hoists, hoist overload prevention, and other kinds of wind turbine maintenance, controlled tensioning of underwater power cables, measuring the tension of a tower guy wires, installation, and more.
Ron StageMaster for safe stage rigging and Ron CraneMaster for heavy complex lifting can monitor real time changes in hundreds of lifting/suspension points and show them as a real time load map on one screen while their exceptional battery life (5000 hours) enable continuous load monitoring for months.
weighing shipment
We even weigh polar bears… Polar bears don’t recognize national borders. In the frigid waters of the Chukchi Sea, they travel freely between the US and Russia, moving with the ice as they hunt seals
Ron StageMaster is the load monitoring system of choice for venues, rigging companies and touring shows around the world.
Protect your congregation from dangerous overloads on stage

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US / Canada / International: 1-888-778-8064

UK: 0800 8620354

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