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Heavy-duty Crane Scales


When you’re looking for a specialized crane scale solution, such as a heavy-duty, industrial crane scale, you need to look no further than Eilon Engineering’s range of crane scales. Prestigious companies such as Boeing, BP, NASA, Lockheed Martin, and Mitsubishi rely on our products to provide reliable weight and force measurements in harsh and challenging environments.
We’ve supplied our range of Ron Crane Scales™ heavy duty scales for decades, improving, refining, and adding new features. When you add our dedicated customer service to the equation, we offer an unbeatable solution in heavy-duty crane scales.


A heavy-duty crane scale is used for weighing large loads which are generally suspended from a crane or suspension point. Having a scale integrated with a heavy-duty crane means that you can weigh the suspended load during lifting and eliminate the need for an independent method of weighing goods or items.

The process of weighing a load requires the conversion of the force that the weight imposes into some measurable quantity. Our load cells are transducers that accomplish this by using strain gauges that stretch relative to the stress imposed upon them. They then produce an electrical signal proportionate to the magnitude of the weight. We take this analog signal, convert it into a digital signal, and present it on a display.

When looking for a heavy-duty crane scale, you need to ensure that it offers the following:

  • Excellent accuracy
  • Abides by stringent safety regulations
  • Reliable for an extended working life
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 46 years of proven technology
  • Extremely long battery life
  • High value and cost effective

Our heavy-duty crane scales offer all of this and more.

There are times when you have a complex load which does not lend itself to being hoisted at a single point, for example, a large sound and light system  in an entertainment venue. Safety is paramount and simply ensuring that the cumulative load does not exceed certain limits is not sufficient. Our Ron StageMaster series provides not only up to 200 simultaneous weight measurements, but also presents them as a real-time map representation of the load/s being monitored on a computer.

Eilon Engineering Heavy-duty Crane Scale Load Cells

Our load cells are based on advanced strain-gauge technology and allow us to produce transducers for you to measure weight or force.
To make our load cells as versatile as possible, we design and manufacture specialized electronics to convert the analog output into a digital signal that can then be displayed as a force or weight measurement. Measurements can be shown on a wired/wireless handheld indicator, multiple remote displays, or on an integrated display. In addition to single load cell measuring systems, we also offer a multiple crane load cell solution to allow you to measure force and weight for complex lifting.

What to look for when choosing load cells

Not all load cells are created equal. Your overriding concern is accuracy, but accuracy can be influenced by several factors.
As a leader in the field of electronic crane scales, Eilon Engineering has invested vast amounts of resources into optimizing performance so that we can provide accurate digital wired and wireless crane scales in the market. Whether you’re part of the aerospace, oil and gas, entertainment, or safety inspection (proof testing) industries, as a load cell and heavy-duty crane scale manufacturer, our products will provide you with years of accurate and reliable measurements. 

High Performance Hanging Crane Scales

If you’re weighing or measuring using a heavy-duty hanging crane scale, the exceptional performance of our crane scales is sure to satisfy your requirements. Consider the following:

  • Exceptional battery life of 2000 hours (4000-hour option available on wireless models).
  • Offset shackle holes by 90 degrees for reduced bending.
  • Environmental resilience. Our wireless load cells are IP67 rated as standard.
  • 0.1% accuracy.
  • Body manufactured using only aerospace steels for long life and safety.

Eilon Engineering—The crane scale manufacturer to satisfy your solution

If you need a heavy-duty crane scale, let us provide a tailored quote for a unit or system that meets all your requirements at a competitive cost. We have decades of experience and knowledge to invest in your requirements.
Call Eilon Engineering to discuss how our unique skills and experience can benefit your business.

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US / Canada / International: 1-888-778-8064

UK: 0800 8620354


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