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Hanging Crane Scales


Hanging crane scales are used throughout a wide variety of industries in order to provide measurement of weight and force. These can be integrated into crane weighing systems that allow you to monitor the amount of weight hanging from your crane or similar equipment. Eilon Engineering has stood out amongst industrial hanging crane scale manufacturers for years due to their exceptional products and competitive pricing.

With over 45 years of experience in the industry, Eilon Engineering has a proven track record of high quality, reliability, and expertise. Highly flexible hardware makes it possible to get access to your data however you want. An exceptional 5 Year Warranty means you can count on Eilon Engineering’s products to run reliably through the test of time. Fatigue-rated load cells, exceptional battery life, environmental resilience, and high accuracy result in products that provide you with reliable weight and force measurements for years and years.

The available hanging crane scales are as follows:

There are a ton of different applications that can utilize hanging crane scales. One very simple to visualize example is shipment weighing. Let’s say you want to weigh shipments both coming in and going out. You are hoping to verify the weight of incoming shipments and also help reduce the cost of shipments going out. In addition, the weight monitoring will add an extra layer of safety as you can prevent overloads from occurring.

A crane scale is an excellent choice for this sort of application. You can easily and accurately weigh all incoming and outgoing shipments to help improve your workflow. Similar actions are regularly performed in many different instances and in many different industries. Whether you are weighing molten material in a foundry, lifting giant rockets onto their launch platforms, weighing products as they are manufactured, or wanting to know how much weight is hanging on the rigging on your stage, crane scales are an excellent choice.

Accuracy is critical to a reliable measurement system. You want to have confidence in the data you are getting from a sensor otherwise there is no point in acquiring it. Load cells take a physical force and convert that into an electrical signal. That electrical signal is converted into a weight reading  to tell you whether your crane is being overloaded or not. This can protect both the operators running the equipment and the equipment itself.

High accuracy is crucial for early detection of overloads. You want to find a load cell that you can count on and that will provide great accuracy. Eilon Engineering’s load cells offer 0.1% accuracy. This means that your data will always be within +/- 0.1% of the total amount of weight that the load cell can measure. This high accuracy has helped establish Eilon Engineering as load cell experts amongst the different crane scale manufacturers.

How do you know whether you should use a wired or wireless crane scale? This comes down largely to the environmental conditions: High temperatures require wireless crane scales. The same applies to locations with limited accessibility. Another factor is how you want to interact with the sensor. Wired sensors usually require that you have a piece of equipment relatively close to the crane scale in order to read the signal off of it. If you are wanting to monitor this signal from a great distance, you likely will need to choose a PLC or some other type of device that can broadcast the measurement further via a wireless method.

If you want a simple out of the box method to monitor the weight remotely, wireless crane scales are a great choice. These allow you to check the weight of stuff from almost any device. That could be a tablet, a phone, or a computer. In addition, you can easily create a monitoring station that can display the status of hundreds of different crane scales.

Crane Scales for Sale

Eilon Engineering offers a variety of crane scales that you can interface with in a wide variety of ways. There are both wired and wireless crane scales as well as load cells that are entirely wireless. These can be monitored via a digital display, connected to a PLC, or integrated wirelessly into a multi-point load cell monitoring system. With every Eilon Engineering product, you have a guarantee of high accuracy and resolution, extreme linearity and repeatability, and a robust fatigue rated product that you can rely on for years and years to come.
The lowest cost crane scale offered by Eilon Engineering is the Ron 2000H which is offered with a variety of options. Wireless communication is offered on the Ron 2501H making it possible to more easily monitor from a distance as part of a multi-point, single point solution or multiple display configuration. Customers seeking a solution with a robust aluminum indicator with backlit display should look into the Ron 2125 or Ron 2150. The Ron 3050 and 3025 offer a protective cage for use in heavy-duty applications.

Big Jobs Require Great Reliability

When you have to move heavy, large materials and equipment, you want a measurement system that you can rely on. Whenever you are carrying anything, the entire weight of that load is hanging on your crane scale.  Crane scales with high safety features are important to protect lives of those who are near the lifted load and in order to prevent millions of dollars in damages depending on what you are carrying.

That is why safety and reliability are absolutely critical. Eilon Engineering’s crane scales are all fatigue rated. They are designed such that they can withstand an infinite amount of loading and unloading as long as the loads don’t exceed the system’s rated capacity. As a sign of our confidence, Eilon Engineering is proud to offer an industry leading 5-year warranty on our products. You can have confidence in our products that they will handle even the toughest of jobs as long as you need them.

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