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Wireless Crane Scales


Looking for a safer way to ensure that cranes are loaded properly? A wireless crane scale can measure the load in real-time and alert the operator to an overload condition. Looking to keep a running total of the mass transferred to a material hopper using a crane?  A wireless crane scale can give an accurate mass measurement and tally the results instead of relying on eyeballing it.

Eilon Engineering is the leading manufacturer of rugged wireless crane scales that have served industries for over 45 years. Repeat customers such as NASA, Disney, Boeing and other industry leaders count on Eilon Engineering wireless crane scales to take the guesswork out of safety and load accuracy.



It can be recorded through a USB/RS-232 connection to a computer

There are manual and automatic data loggers. In manual mode, the data is only stored when the operator presses the button. There is also a totalizer mode which keeps a running total for big jobs that require multiple crane loads. In automatic mode the data logger will capture measurement based on a user configurable time interval (once per second, once per minute, etc.)

Up to 2000 hours, which is nearly three months of continuous use. Optional 4000 hours

What is a Wireless Crane Scale?

 A wireless crane scale is a strain gauge based device generally installed below the hook on a crane to measure weights and prevent overloads

 The correct application of a wireless crane scale can save virtually any business time and money, while improving safety. A wireless crane scale is attached inline between the crane and its load to verify the amount of material being moved for quality, repeatability or safety purposes.

 A wireless crane scale is powered by long-lasting batteries and transmits data via RF or Bluetooth protocols, meaning there are no cables to snag. While in use, the mass is displayed on the device, as well as transmitted to a handheld unit or computer for data archival.

Applications for Wireless Crane Scales

Wireless crane scales benefit virtually any industry. They can be used to weigh the catch on a fishing vessel or ensure safety when lifting speakers and lights for a concert hall. The three biggest uses are ensuring lifting safety, integrating weighing into existing processes and coordinating complex lifting while tracking the results.

When lifting heavy objects with a crane, the operator must know the load. Standard lifting equipment does not provide the means to measure the load in real-time, which can lead to overload conditions. If overload conditions are reached, there is a chance that the lifting apparatus will fail, causing death, injury, or equipment damage. Unfortunately, overload conditions can be hard to spot. Sometimes a chain, cable or shackle can be overloaded and not fail for many cycles until fatigue failure causes the load to fall.


In some processes, a crane is used as an intermediate step towards another process. For example, an arc steel furnace is charged with scrap metal for melting, and a crane is loading shredded metal into the furnace. If the crane’s load is not measured, the furnace is filled by volume instead of by mass, leading to varying results.


Steel is poured into a refining ladle, where additive elements must be added based on the mass. The yellow device is a wireless crane scale to guarantee an accurate mass measurement.


There are also applications where a load may vary in mass, but this mass needs to be tracked. Fishing vessels are interested in the amount of fish they have hauled aboard, scrap metal dealers need to know how much metal has been unloaded, and other such problems are conveniently addressed if the mass of each crane load is known.


Scientists use a crane scale to weigh a polar bear. It’s much easier than asking him to step on a scale. Image courtesy of Eilon Engineering.


All of these potential headaches are mitigated with the use of a wireless crane scale that can display the mass of the crane’s load in real-time.


Wireless Crane Scales for Every Application


 Several models of wireless crane scales are available that will meet all crane load measurement needs through Eilon Engineering. The three most common models are the Ron 2501 Hook Type, Ron 3025 and the Ron 3050 (the last two models have integrated display and are available with optional wireless communication to an additional display


Ron 2501

 The Ron 2501 Hook Type is rated for 30 tons and has a handheld remote for monitoring the load. With wireless transmission capabilities of 150 meters standard and 3 km optional, the operator can remain a safe distance from the crane and still monitor the load.

Ron 3025/3050

The Ron 3025 and Ron 3050 are crane scales with integral digital displays. Both feature an easy-to-read display, and optional wireless transmission to an additional display, and an optional protective cage. The major difference between the two are that the Ron 3050 has a larger display and is rated for a higher maximum load.

           A summary of wireless crane scale offerings is shown in the table below:


Ron 2501 Hook Type

Ron 3025

Ron 3050

Maximum Load

30 tons

12.5 tons

15 tons







Built-in (12 mm)

Built-in (25 mm)

The Eilon Engineering Advantage

Eilon Engineering is an industry leader and trusted partner in wireless crane scales. For over 45 years, their products have been implemented in applications ranging from aerospace to scientific research to steel processing.

NASA uses Eilon Engineering wireless scales, as shown in the red circle.

 Eilon Engineering’s wireless crane scales have been used in:

●     Oil & gas

●     Aerospace

●     Manufacturing

●     Offshore drilling

●     Foundries

●     Ports and shipping

●     Utilities

●     Entertainment

●     Wind turbine installation

●     ….just to name a few industries

Aerospace Steel Components

Many crane components are made from aluminum due to its lightweight. However, aluminum alloys have a built-in limitation: they suffer from fatigue failures. Aluminum has no “fatigue limit” meaning that the part will eventually fail if repeatedly loaded, regardless of the size of the load. The aerospace steel components used by Eilon Engineering have a “fatigue limit”. As long as the load is kept below the fatigue limit (i.e. doesn’t exceed its rated capacity), it will last for a practically unlimited number of load cycles.


Eilon Engineering wireless crane scales are designed for rugged industrial environments. Their enclosures are rated to IP-67/ NEMA-4 weatherproof standards, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The wireless capabilities can reach 150 m, but can be extended to 3 km with additional equipment. Bluetooth capabilities are also available, meaning it can sync directly to smartphones and tablets, making load monitoring simple. Even with this transmission range, batteries are good for up to 2000 or 4000 hours, depending on the specific model.

Testifying to their durability,

●     All products are backed with a five year warranty

●     Complies with  IEC 61508 and ASME BTH-1 standards for fatigue life

●     Repeat customers, such as NASA, Disney, Boeing, Lockeed Martin and many more

Final Thoughts

 Wireless crane scales take the guesswork out of calculating loads, determining the haul, and evaluating safe crane operation. The rugged crane scales developed by Eilon Engineering Weighing Systems, LTD are a durable, accurate product that will increase the safety and repeatability of any industrial process requiring crane work. For more information, reach out to your Eilon Engineering representative today.

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