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Houses of Worship


Put your Congregation’s safety FIRST !

Our Customers:

  • Life Church 
  • North Point Ministries
  • Passion City Church
  • Lifepoint Church
  • Scottsdale Bible Church

What could be more important than the safety of your precious flock?  Protecting all the innocent souls in your care? Not to mention safeguarding the beautiful infrastructure of your Church.

We are often not aware of the inherent hazards sitting right on top of our heads when heavy light and sound equipment is suspended above us.  Unpredictable load distribution can cause dangerous overload which needs to be prevented at all cost.

A large concert stage at a church


Eilon Engineering (situated in the Holy Land) has 4 decades of expertise in doing just that for our global list of valued clients such as NASA, Cirque du Soleil and many more…

developing smart & simple  load monitoring and overload prevention systems. 

Winner of the Best New Product Award at 2019


A truss lifted with two load cells


INTRODUCING our latest innovation – the Ron StageMasterTM  - Aerospace quality, wireless multi-point load monitoring & overload prevention system.

Load cells transmit via radio frequency to a portable Bluetooth-compatible receiver (App downloads to tablet/ phone *). The plug & play system provides real-time monitoring of load cells up to 450 ft. from loading point – from a single screen and any location. Eliminates messy cabling and lengthy setup. Unique battery life provides up to 5,000 hours of continuous monitoring


Transmission schematic of the Bluetooth receiver


The more hanging points with a load cell installed – the safer the entire installation.  But you can still start off small and expand over time. We have starter kits with just 4 load cells, mini-kits with 8, and the ideal for maximum safety is to reach a load cell on each and every hanging point.

The system has an extremely short response time, and monitors up to 200 load cells per second.

The software makes it easy to pinpoint motors and loads so the rigger can immediately identify the location of a potential overload and take swift preventative action.


A screen shot of the real time load map

Screen shot of danger warning

*Currently for iPad/iPhone – Android version available soon                                                

Call Us:

US / Canada / International: 1-888-778-8064

UK: 0800 8620354


US / Canada / International: 1-888-778-8064

UK: 0800 8620354


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