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Small Crane Scales



Every measurement is subject to some error due to the limitations in physical devices and their ability to convert natural phenomena to an electrical signal.

Increased resolution decreases the amount of error in each measurement. This error stacks with each crane load of material. If the resolution is increased, the error on each crane load is decreased, meaning the overall consistency of the process has increased.

Probably not. The better option would be to get a crane scale sized for each set of loads for the best accuracy.

Contact the experts at Eilon Engineering, who can ask the right questions and answer your questions.

Choosing The Right Capacity and Small Crane Scales

There are many advantages to purchasing and implementing a crane scale to improve the efficiency, consistency and safety with crane loading processes. With many crane scale models and capacities available, which will be right for your application?  How can you get the best performance when choosing your crane weighing system?
The first consideration is the capacity of the crane scale that should be purchased. The plant manager or engineer should first look at the maximum estimated mass that is moved by the crane. They should also think about future expansion plans and whether the expected loads will become larger in the near future.
The second consideration is the largest amount of acceptable inaccuracy. At first glance, it is tempting to say, “no error is acceptable”, but there is an acceptable tolerance in every process. If a dump truck is being loaded with crush and run gravel, a few pounds of error is acceptable and is an unavoidable part of the process.

Sensor Physics

Why shouldn’t you buy the overhead crane scale that can detect the biggest load every time? As it turns out, the larger the range of weights the scale can detect, the larger the resolution, or smallest detectable change.

Measurement Range

The measurement range of any sensor is the possible values that the sensor can detect. While it seems like a sensor should be able to detect all values, the reality of physics shows that a sensor will only be able to detect a certain range.
With a crane scale, the measurement range begins at zero (no load) to the maximum load allowed per the specifications of the specific model of crane scale.


The resolution of a sensor is the smallest change that can be detected by the sensor. This is an important consideration when maintaining quality control and consistency between loads. Consider a hanging crane loading scrap into a railcar; if the scale is plus or minus several pounds, this is probably not a big deal. If the same hanging crane scale were used to add small amounts of material to a ladle, on the order of 10 pounds, a few pounds of error is a big deal.

Industrial Crane Scales and Applications

Eilon Engineering is an established leader in the world of crane scales. A variety of wired industrial crane scales are available that will meet any application The three most common models are the Ron 2000H, Ron 2501H, and the Ron 3050. All models are digital crane scales, with easy-to-read displays

Ron 2000H

The Ron 2000H is a compact crane scale, available for loads up to 30 tons. It has a handheld remote and display that can be operated via a wired connection up to 16 ft / 5 m away. The Ron 2000 is available in both a hook type (Model H) and a shackle type (Model S) in sizes from 0.5 tons to 30 tons.

Ron 2000H Industrial Crane Scale and handheld remote

Ron 2501H

The Ron 2501H is available for loads from 0.5 tons up to 30 tons, with both hook and shackle models available. It has an easy-to-read display that can be viewed from a distance of up to 150 meters (extended ranges available)

Ron 2501H Industrial Crane Scale with handheld remote

Ron 3050

The Ron 3050  is available for loads from 0.5 tons to 15 tons. It has an easy-to-read, 2” / 50 mm display that can be viewed from a distance and is offered with an optional shock absorbing cage.

Ron 3050 Industrial Crane Scale with protective cage

Crane scales that handle larger loads are built physically bigger. All three of these models are the same size for any given capacity. While these models are being used to demonstrate the concept, the wireless crane scales follow the same principles.

The Eilon Engineering Advantage

Eilon Engineering is an industry leader and trusted partner in industrial crane scales. For over 45 years, their heavy-duty crane scales have been implemented in applications ranging from aerospace to scientific research to steel processing.
 Eilon Engineering’s industrial crane scales have been used in:
●     Oil & gas
●     Aerospace
●     Manufacturing
●     Offshore drilling
●     Foundries
●     Ports and shipping
●     Utilities
●     Entertainment
●     Wind turbine installation
●     ….just to name a few industries


All Eilon Engineering crane scales perform within ±0.1% of full scale. The actual accuracy of that crane scale will vary depends on the capacity range of the scale, The table below highlights what this error means in real numbers:

Crane Scale Rating


1 ton

±1 kg

5 ton

±5 kg

10 ton

±10 kg

30 ton

±20 kg



Eilon Engineering industrial crane scales are designed for rugged industrial environments. The enclosures for wireless systems are rated to IP-67/ NEMA-4 weatherproof standards, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Additionally, all electronic components are mounted using shock absorbing mechanisms.
● Five Year Warranty
● Designed to meet the fatigue requirements of IEC 61508 and ASME BTH-1
● Prestigious customer list including NASA, Disney, Boeing, Lockheed Martin and many more

Final Thoughts

Choosing the proper sized crane scale is not difficult. For the best accuracy of measurement and consistency of loading and unloading, the crane scale should not be significantly overdesigned. Small crane scales should be used for small loads, rather than using a large crane scale for all applications. To help you choose the proper scale size, contact the engineers at Eilon Engineering.

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US / Canada / International: 1-888-778-8064

UK: 0800 8620354


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