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Multi Point Load Monitoring


Ron StageMaster for safe stage rigging and Ron CraneMaster for heavy complex lifting can monitor real time changes in hundreds of lifting/suspension points and show them as a real time load map on one screen while their exceptional battery life (5000 hours) enable continuous load monitoring for months..

Multi Point load monitoring is important in several applications:

Heavy complex lifting

Any time a load is suspended using 3 or more hanging points it becomes statically indeterminate, this makes it practically impossible to calculate or estimate the actual load placed on each point.

When a heavy object is lifted using several hanging points, load monitoring becomes crucial for maintaining the planned load distribution across each of the hanging points.

A real time load map with continuous measurements can help keep the weight of a heavy object evenly distributed during lifting and aid in the safe completion of a complex lift, protecting expensive equipment and even more importantly the lives of the people around it.


Safe Stage Rigging:

Concerts and other live events often employ complex rigging structures that could greatly benefit from the use of multiple point load monitoring systems that display all measurements on a real time load map. As previously mentioned any load suspended from 3 or more points require the use of a load monitoring system in order to ensure appropriate load distribution. Live events often use 3 or more hoists to lift a single truss with tons of attached equipment. This single truss could be suspended above performers or audiences making safe load distribution a critical issue.


Advanced Logistics and Stock Management:

A multiple point load monitoring system can provide real time indication of resource utilization of multiple sites, automate routing of transportation fleets for either removal stored material and/or supply of new material in a timely and efficient manner.

This real time information from hundreds of checkpoints can be shown as real time load map in a control room, or view information from up to 200 load cells on smartphones and tablets.

Complex load monitoring can lead to a dramatic reduction in costs by helping to avoid spoilage, slack time, and poorly scheduled and routed transportation runs.

Examples would include emptying underground garbage bins, filling silos, provisioning ice, etc.


Recommended Models

Ron CraneMaster

Multi point load monitoring




Screenshot of a computer screen showing multiple load readings

Screenshot of Ron StageMaster software


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US / Canada / International: 1-888-778-8064

UK: 0800 8620354


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