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Industrial Crane Scales


Looking for a safer way to ensure that cranes are loaded within their limits? An industrial crane scale can measure the load in real-time and alert the operator to an overload condition. Looking to keep a running total of the gravel transferred to a dump truck using a crane?  An industrial crane scale can give an accurate cumulative mass measurement.
Eilon Engineering is the leading manufacturer of rugged industrial crane scales that have served industries for over 45 years. Repeat customers such as NASA, Lockheed Martin, Boeing and other industry leaders count on Eilon Engineering industrial crane scales to take the guesswork out of safety and load accuracy.


While wireless crane scales offer greater convenience and are able to operate in a wired range of environments (e.g. foundries), wired industrial scales are generally more cost effective Furthermore, the wired display is especially useful for mounting in a permanent location, whereas a technician might misplace a wireless display.

Wires must be secured to ensure they aren’t snagging or at pinch points on machinery. However, virtually all crane machinery has existing structures to protect cables and hydraulic hoses, so securing the wire is not a difficult task.


The displays use AA batteries that will last approximately 2000 hours. Instead of using hard to find flat rechargeable batteries or adding another cable for power, the batteries can be changed in less than a minute when they fail. The system will indicate when batteries are low. 

Optional displays can be connected to the industrial crane scales so that the crane operator can read one, and perhaps a larger display can be mounted on the wall for other plant personnel.

The “S” models have a shackle connection and the “H” models have a hook connection. The hook connection is often faster, but the shackle can be used for heavier loads and is more portable.. Speak to one of the experts at Eilon Engineering to see which model is right for your application.

What is an Industrial Crane Scale?

An industrial crane scale, crane weigher, or crane weight scale, measures the mass of material that is being lifted by the crane. The crane scale load cell converts the force of gravity pulling the load downward into an electrical signal for display and data processing.
They can be used for measuring the amount of material that is being handled, such as the tonnage of scrap metal placed in a rail car. By weighing the material real-time, the quality and repeatability of the process is improved. It can also be used for safety purposes to ensure that the weight limit of the crane and its rigging is not exceeded.

Applications for Industrial Crane Scales

Industrial crane scales benefit virtually any industry. They can be used to weigh incoming raw materials l or ensure safety when lifting speakers and lights for a concert hall. The three biggest uses are ensuring lifting safety, integrating weighing into existing processes and coordinating complex lifting while tracking the results.
When lifting heavy objects with a crane, the operator must decide whether the chain, cable, boom, shackle and other components can withstand the weight. An industrial crane scale can remove some of the guesswork, displaying the weight in real-time.
The prefabricated concrete industry can benefit from these scales in terms of enhanced safety. While some standard prefabricated concrete pieces are of known size and weight, some custom pieces may only be estimated from a computer aided drafting (CAD) file. The addition of an industrial crane scale will guarantee that the load is within the crane’s lift range.
Industrial crane scales can be used to check deliveries to ensure the proper amount of material has been delivered. For example, sheet steel can be checked by weight to ensure that the proper amount has arrived as part of a quality control process.

A roll of steel is moved by an overhead crane, and a crane scale is used to check the weight.

All of these potential headaches are mitigated with the use of a wireless crane scale that can display the mass of the crane’s load in real-time.

Industrial Crane Scales and Applications

Eilon Engineering is a leader in crane scale manufacturing. Several models of wired industrial crane scales are available that will meet all crane load measurement needs through Eilon Engineering. The three most common models are the Ron 2000 - H, Ron 2501H, and the Ron 3050. All models are digital crane scales, with easy-to-read displays

Ron 2000H

The Ron 2000 Hook Type is a small crane scale, available in capacities up to 30 tons. It has a handheld display that can be operated via a wired connection with a standard cable length of 16 ft / 5 m.

Ron 2000H Industrial Crane Scale and handheld remote

Ron 2501H

The Ron 2501 Hook Type wireless crane scale available in capacities up to 30 tons. It has a convenient handheld indicator that easily fits into a pocket. Capable of reliable transmission of readings with standard range of 150 meters (Extended range options available).

Ron 2501-H Industrial Crane Scale with handheld remote

Ron 3050

The Ron 3050 is available for capacities up to 15 tons. It has an easy-to-read, 2” / 50 mm display that can be viewed from a distance. This model can be purchased with a robust protective cage for use in rough environments.

Ron 3050 Industrial Crane Scale and detachable display and remote control

The Eilon Engineering Advantage

Eilon Engineering is an industry leader and trusted partner in industrial crane scales. For over 45 years, their products have been implemented in applications ranging from aerospace to scientific research to steel processing.

NASA uses Eilon Engineering wireless scales, as shown in the red circle.

Eilon Engineering’s crane scales have been used in:
●     Oil & gas
●     Aerospace
●     Manufacturing
●     Offshore drilling
●     Foundries
●     Ports and shipping
●     Utilities
●     Entertainment
●     Wind turbine installation
    ….just to name a few industries

Aerospace Steel Components

Many crane components are made from aluminium due to its lightweight. However, aluminium alloys have a built-in limitation: they suffer from fatigue failures. Aluminium has no “fatigue limit” meaning that the part will eventually fail if repeatedly loaded, regardless of the size of the load. The aerospace steel components used by Eilon Engineering have a “fatigue limit”. As long as the load is kept below the fatigue limit (i.e. doesn’t exceed its rated capacity), it will last for a practically unlimited number of load cycles.


Eilon Engineering industrial wireless crane scales are designed for rugged industrial environments. Their enclosures are rated to IP-67/ NEMA-4 weatherproof standards, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use and even for offshore environments..
Testifying to their durability,
●     All products are backed with a five year warranty
●     Complies with IEC 61508 and ASME BTH-1 standards for fatigue life
●     Repeat customers, such as NASA, Disney, Boeing, Lockeed Martin and many more

Final Thoughts

An industrial crane scale will drastically improve the consistency and safety of loading and unloading crane operations. The rugged crane scales developed by Eilon Engineering Weighing Systems, LTD are durable, accurate products that will increase the safety and repeatability of any industrial process requiring crane work. For more information, reach out to your Eilon Engineering representative today.

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US / Canada / International: 1-888-778-8064

UK: 0800 8620354


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