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Wireless Load Cells


Wireless Load Cell Products

Eilon offers many different wireless load cell products to accommodate your needs. Each of these products comes with a  wide variety of customizable features that allow for you to fine-tune our offerings to be a perfect match for your own project. Whether you are in need of a large multi-point monitoring system or just need a single wireless load cell, we have the right product for you.

Our wireless models include:

Classic load cell
Eilon Classic: High accuracy low headroom load cell Designed for quick installation and versatile use. Bluetooth compatibility with iPhones / iPads (no WiFi required). Extremely short response time, monitors up to 200 load cells per second. 0.1% accuracy. Continuous Load Monitoring 24/7/365. Unbeatable Battery Life up to 5,000 hours. Extreme Range up to several km/miles. (optional) 200 Load Cells per Monitoring Station. Proven Wireless Technology since 1976. Integration of wireless and wired systems. Fatigue rated load cells.
Bluetooth: Ron StageMaster PRR (Portable Radio Receiver), a compact and highly portable Bluetooth-compatible load monitoring system capable of monitoring up to 75 individual load cells from the convenience of an iPad or iPhone using the Ron StageMaster App.
Weighing During Manufacture
Wireless multi-point load monitoring system. High accuracy fatigue rated load cells with exceptional battery life.
Shackle Pin: Extremely low headroom and quick installation Bluetooth compatibility with iPhones / iPads (no WiFi required). Extremely short response time, monitors up to 200 load cells per second Continuous Load Monitoring 24/7/365. Unbeatable Battery Life up to 5,000 hours
2501 Wireless Crane Scale
Ron 2501 Wireless Crane Scale has unique battery life - 2000 to 4000 hours with added options. Up to 30 ton weighing capacity. Download operators manual
2501 Wireless Dynamometer
Ron 2501 Wireless Dynamometer with up to 300 ton weighing capacity Has dynamic 2000 hours battery life with added option of 4000 hours See range of choices

You may be wondering whether a wireless load cell is right for you. There are a lot of different factors to consider when choosing the correct load cell. First off, how do you want to get your measurement data? If you want to read the measurement near the load cell, then a display will often work just fine. If you are tying your load cell into a PLC or data acquisition device, then you will need to add options accordingly. If you are wanting a remote display then wireless load cells are the right choice for you.

So, what devices can connect to a wireless load cell? Depending on the type of communication that your wireless load cell offers, there will be different options. A load cell that outputs data via Bluetooth can connect to many different Bluetooth capable devices. These include smartphones, laptops, tablets, computers, and some microcontrollers. This way you can access your data however you want to.

Depending on the type of multi-point system you purchase, there will be several different options. For example, the Ron StageMaster 6000G5 is capable of monitoring up to 200 load cells on a single computer. Additionally, you can set up an unlimited number of computers that can each monitor 200 load cells giving you virtually infinite capability.

If you need more information on what wireless load cells can do, what is recommended for your project, or if you need help in designing the measurement system, then feel free to contact our sales experts at Eilon Engineering. Our highly trained staff will gladly help answer all of your questions and line you up with a reliable, accurate, and long-lasting load cell that will work great for your specific application. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions that you may have.

The use of wireless technology continues to be increasingly more important throughout a wide variety of industries. This is largely due to its convenience, flexibility, and ease of use. In the world of load cells, wireless technology can greatly improve the ease of setup, accessibility of measurement data, and flexible means of viewing and monitoring data. Eilon Engineering is proud to be a premier wireless load cells manufacturer, with over 45 years of experience developing high-quality, long-lasting, and extremely accurate load cells
There are not many load shackle manufacturers out there, and there certainly aren’t many who have been around as long as Eilon Engineering. This wealth of industry experience, combined with leading edge load cell technology has solidified Eilon Engineering as the people you can trust when you need a reliable measurement system. Whether you are building a wireless load cells system with multiple load cells , or connecting a single crane scale to a PC, speak with our experienced sales staff today and we can help you find the perfect product for your needs.

As the use of wireless technology continues to grow across a wide variety of sectors and fields, more and more companies are finding new and innovative ways to incorporate it into a variety of products. 
When it comes to lifting during weighing and other force measurement applications, having a load cell with wireless capabilities can be a huge advantage. Wireless load cells offer a significant increase in convenience, flexibility, ease of use, and safety. 
Wireless load cells make use of radio frequency (R.F.) technology to transfer data between the system’s load cell and the receiver or display. 
Having a wireless load cell makes set-up and installation easier and quicker, saving valuable time and money. And because a wireless load cell’s signal is broadcast around the job site, both the operator and the rest of the crew have easy access to the data and measurements—a big convenience and a significant safety factor when monitoring loads for a prolonged period of time.
Wired load cells also increase safety by allowing operators to remain at a safe distance from the lifted load. And, with a range of up to 450 feet/150 meters, Eilon wireless load cells make it easy to get the critical reading you need. 
Wireless load cells also give operators more mobility. The system can be moved around the job site easily, without the hassle of unplugging and replugging it in. This makes them more convenient when moving between jobs or transporting them around the job site.
Few load cell manufacturers can compare to Eilon Engineering's 45+ years of experience in the development of high-quality, long-lasting, and extremely accurate load cells. Eilon Engineering is proud to be among the premier manufacturers of wireless load cells and a long-time partner of companies like NASA, Boeing, and countless others.
Our wealth of industry experience, combined with cutting-edge load cell technology has solidified Eilon Engineering as a brand you can trust for reliable and dependable measurement systems. Our Ron line of load cells range in capacity from a half-ton up to 300 tons. So whether you need a wireless system with multiple load cells, or are connecting a single crane scale to a PC, our range of load cells and crane scales is sure to meet your needs. We also offer a variety of customizable features that allow you to fine-tune our offerings to perfectly match your project.
Speak with our experienced sales representatives today, and we’ll help you find the perfect weighing system for your unique application.

Each of our products offers different benefits that can be used as needed to provide the perfect measurement system for your company. Each wireless load cell can be seamlessly tied together to create a multi-point load monitoring system that can easily be connected to your phone, a tablet, or a computer. Eilon Engineering’s wireless load cell solutions allow you to worry less about how you are going to  prevent dangerous overloads, and focus on what your company does best.

Wireless Load Cells Technology

There are a lot of different wireless communication protocols out there. These include Bluetooth, Radio Frequency, Infrared, or cellular. There are various pros and cons to each of these methods in terms of complexity, cost, range, and signal integrity. Eilon Engineering offers Bluetooth communications with many of its wireless load cells. These load cells have a wireless transmitter that outputs measurement data via Bluetooth. The load cells communicate via RF with the receiver and then the receiver communicates via BT with the devices. Right?
This allows you to simply read measurement data from a wide variety of devices, including your phone. One of the biggest downsides to Bluetooth communications is that they often have limited range. If you have ever connected a Bluetooth speaker or headphones to your phone, you will have noticed that you can’t let the connected devices get too far apart or they will stop working. It is the same with Bluetooth load cells. Fortunately, Eilon Engineering offers a solution for this as well.
When distance is a main concern, another wireless communication protocol is needed. The wireless load cell transmitter will output the measurement data via a proprietary Radio Frequency protocol. This data can then be picked up by a receiver and retransmitted over Bluetooth to nearby devices. Radio frequency is capable of reaching extremely far distances (multiple miles/km). This way you can pick up measurement data from devices that are out of the capable range of Bluetooth.

Multi-point Systems

There are many instances where you may want to monitor multiple load cells at the same time from a single location. One common application of this is stage rigging. You may need to monitor not just the amount of weight that is on the stage rigging but also ensure that the weight is evenly distributed throughout. This is to make sure that no support point on the rigging itself has been overloaded by the speakers, lights, and whatever else may be suspended. To do this requires that the load be measured in many different locations.
Eilon Engineering makes the selection and customization of multi-point load cell systems incredibly easy. In minutes you can configure a station to monitor all of the nearby wireless load cells. This does not require extensive knowledge on your part, nor does it require programming expertise. Eilon Engineering has worked hard to make sure that the trouble of configuring a complicated distributed system is not something that you ever have to worry about when using their products. The system is easy to use and intuitive.


Eilon Engineering Presents: Wireless Load Cell

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