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Ron™ StageMaster 6000G5

Wireless multi-point load monitoring system. High accuracy, fatigue-rated load cells with exceptional battery life.


Specfically designed for load monitoring of stage rigging, the Ron StageMaster 6000G5 allows riggers to exert greater control over weight distributions and balance, verify equipment weights, and lift rigging into place in a single operation.




  • Continuous load monitoring: Up to 5000 hour battery life (optional 10,000) "always on" continuous monitoring. Absolutely no sleep or stand-by modes which are not acceptable from a safety perspective as continuous monitoring is curtail to prevent overloads.
  • Fatigue rated load cells: All Eilon Engineering load cells are fatigue rated, an important feature especially for fixed and long-term installations. The load cell's ability to withstand successive load cycles for long periods of time without the risk of failure or damage to the steel, affords peace of mind for the user.
  • Reliable, independent data flow from each load cell: Every load cell reports data independently and directly to the Central Receiver, eliminating the danger that damage to a single load cell will affect the rest of the system's ability to function. This feature is part of both our wired and wireless systems.
  • High quality materials: Including load cells made of aerospace quality, high-strength alloy steel.
  • Perpendicular design 90° between shackle holes eliminates external moment's influence and therefore increases safety and accuracy.
  • Proven wireless and load cell technology since 1976: More than 30 years of innovative load monitoring for customers including major fortune 500 and aerospace companies and the largest venues and world tours.



  • Practically unlimited number of load cells: Up to 200 load cells per laptop monitoring station and an unlimited number of monitoring stations.
  • Longer battery life: Up to 5000 hour battery life (optional 10,000) with a transmission rate of once per second.
  • Works with any controller to provide automatic E-stop and overload/under-load alarm (visual and audible).
  • Tablet and smart phone compatibility allows for portable browsing.
  • Real time load map: All wireless and wired load cells are displayed on one laptop screen as a real-time load map, overlaid on the stage-plan layout, enabling the rigger to immediately identify the location of an overload and take swift preventative action. In addition, the set points enable immediate motor stop in case of overload occurrence.
  • Multiple groups: Up to 15 groups, each with its own overload setting and display.
  • Continuous unlimited data logging: Downloadable data log of months of continuous measurements.
  • Group screen view: for viewing individual group rigging plans, each with a specific background. (Included in orders of 50 load cells and up)
  • Real time cellular SMS alert on overload occurrence.



  • Expandability: Easily expandable by simply adding more load cells to an existing system.
  • Multiple system integration: Different Ron StageMaster users can combine their load cells into one system when necessary, and one large system can be split into several smaller systems. Both wired and wireless, load cells and various capacities and types (Hoist Integrated and Eilon Classic) can be used together.
  • Wide variety of capacities: Load cells available in any capacity up to 300t, 5:1, 10:1 and higher safety factors are available.


Technical Specifications

  • Safety Factor : 5:1 Standard. 10:1 and higher safety factors are available.
  • Safety features: : Fatigue rated load cells that can withstand successive load cycles for long periods of time without the risk of failure or damage to the steel.
  • Proof load : 200%.
  • Accuracy : +/- 0.1% of full range.
  • Capacities : 2t standard capacity with range of capacities from 1t to 5t and higher (up to 300t). Display : Using a laptop or PC, the operator can monitor and control the loads of up to 200 load cells per monitoring station simultaneously, having on one single screen all the relevant information derived from the load cells: Sum (group sum and total structure sum), Max, Tare, Zero, Group (LC), Overload detection, Stage-plan layout, Low battery indication etc.
  • Functions : Sum, Max, Tare, Zero, Group (LC), Overload detection and alert (visual and audible), Low battery indication, Reports data base, User calibration, Group functions (Sum, Max, Zero, Tare, Overload and customized overload detection), Plan/layout archiving.
  • Additional Features : Web server based, tablet and smart phones compatible.
  • Units : Selectable units feature with the following choice of measurement readings: Tons, Kgs, Lbs.
  • Load Cell Material : Made of high-strength, aerospace quality low alloy steel, polyurethane coated.
  • Power : External power supply provided with the system.
  • Calibration : User calibration. Initial factory calibration, certified and fully traceable to NIST.
  • Temperature Range : Load cell: -15°F to +175°F / -25°C to+80°C.
  • Environmental : Weatherproof, Nema 4, IP 65. Higher sealing levels available.



  • Set point, for integration of RSM system with any controller activates E-stop and/or audio visual alarm in case of overloads or underloads.
  • Real time cellular SMS alert on overload occurrence
  • Slave and master CRRs: for increased range, harsh conditions, and the ability to monitor several halls in one control room.
  • Group screen view: for viewing individual group rigging plans, each with a specific background. (Included in orders of 50 load cells and up)

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US / Canada / International: 1-888-778-8064

UK: 0800 8620354


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