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300 Ton Load Cell


A 300-ton load cell is a device that can measure the force or weight of up to 300 tons (or 660,000 lbs) in tension or compression. 

Load cells are a common piece of industrial equipment and are used in many industries, such as construction, mining, oil and gas, aerospace, manufacturing, and others. A 300-ton load cell can be used to monitor the performance and safety of weight-bearing structures, machines, and materials. 


Ron 2501S - Wireless Dynamometer
Ron 2501 Wireless Dynamometer with up to 300 ton weighing capacity Has dynamic 2000 hours battery life with added option of 4000 hours See range of choices
Ron 2150S - Wired Dynamometer
Ron 2150 Wired Dynamometer with 2"/50mm Attachable Display has excellent readability - with 300 ton weighing capacity. See options to enhance performance
Ron 2125S - Wired Dynamometer
Ron 2125 Wired Dynamometer with 1"/25mm Attachable Display for heavy industries has unique 2000 battery life-up to 300 ton weighing capacity. See options
Ron 2000S - Wired Dynamometer
Exceptionally small and lightweight. Low cost and available with wide variety of options.

Types of 300-ton load cells

There are many types of load cells, some used to measure tension, some for compression, and some for both. 300-ton load cells come in a variety of designs.

Canister or ring load cells: These are cylindrical load cells that can withstand very high loads and harsh environments. They are made of steel or alloy and have strain gauges attached to the inner or outer surface.

Compression load cells: Compression load cells measure the force or weight of objects that push down on the load cell. They are usually cylindrical-shaped devices with a mounting surface at the top and bottom ends. Inside, there is a central core or column that functions as the weight-bearing element. Strain gauges are attached to the surface of this column, and they detect the deformations that occur under load.

Hanging load cells: Hanging load cells are a type of tension load cell used in suspended weighing systems. They come in a variety of shapes and often have shackles at both ends or a hook at one end. Hanging load cells can measure both static and dynamic loads, and they are often used with hoists, winches, or in cable tension monitoring.

300-ton load cells: applications

As you can imagine, a 300-ton load cell would be used on large-scale industrial applications where massive pieces of equipment need to be weighed. 

One of the most common uses for a 300-ton load cell is to perform proof load testing, often in an offshore environment. 

A proof load test is a process in which a load with a known weight is applied to a structure or piece of equipment where the known weight exceeds that of the structure’s working load limit (WLL). The purpose is to verify the structure’s safety and integrity and to be sure it can withstand weights beyond its WLL. A proof load test can be performed on various types of lifting or rigging equipment, such as forklifts, cranes, hoists, slings, hooks, etc. A load cell is used to verify the weight of the lifted load. 

300-ton Eilon Engineering load cells have been used many times in large-scale proof load tests around the globe. 

300-ton Eilon Engineering load cell
300-ton Eilon Engineering load cell


300-ton load cell: specs

300 tons is a lot of weight to lift—more than an entire Boeing 747! Yet our 300-ton load cell body is surprisingly lightweight—only 225 pounds and 31.5 inches long!

Yet despite its size, it’s remarkably strong. The load cell body is made of aerospace grade steel, while the offset shackle holes help increase stability during lifting and weighing. This means it’s not only one of the safest systems on the market, it’s also reliable, dependable, and easy to use, while the added stability helps ensure more accurate readings.

Other high-capacity load cells

Our 300-ton system isn’t our only high-capacity load cell. In fact, the high-capacity end of our range extends from 85–300 tons.

125-ton load cell

Our 125-ton load cell is a great size for large applications where portability and strength are a must. Weighing only 60 pounds and measuring less than 18” long, this flexible size has many uses.

85-ton load cell

Our 85-ton load cell is the smallest in our high-capacity range. The load cell weighs only 40 pounds and is 16” long. An 85-ton load cell can be used for proof load testing, tensioning undersea cables, weighing wind turbine parts, and much more.

High temperature load cell

Eilon load cells are available with many optional features and add ons. Besides the offshore applications described above, we also offer options for a high temperature load cell: a heat shield and internal thermometer. The heat shield helps protect the load cell’s electronics from overheating in a hot environment, while the thermometer allows the operator to monitor the internal temperature. 

These options are useful both on large-capacity load cells and smaller ones as well, like our 5-ton load cell.

Wireless Load Cell

One final factor to consider when looking for a new load cell is whether you need wireless capabilities or not. 

A wireless load cell has several advantages over a standard wired system. By eliminating the need for a cable, you also get rid of the risk of an on-site accident that cable and wires can cause. 

A wireless load cell also gives the operator more freedom of movement when conducting a lift, meaning they can remain at a safe distance. And with a range of 450 feet, Eilon Engineering’s wireless load cells give operators the convenience and ease of use they need.

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