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Hanging Load Cells


There are many industrial and manufacturing applications that require the operator to know how much load is being lifted by an overhead crane. However, sometimes, it is more important to collect, store and process data from the crane, a load cell is the perfect tool for achieving either result. 
For example, consider the loading of scrap metal into a railcar. The pieces of scrap are oddly shaped, and can be inconvenient to handle. They also leave plenty of empty space and do not pack neatly. It is important to track the weight for sales purposes. In this case, the operator does not need to know how much material is being transported in each crane load, just the total amount. 
A load cell for weighing can send the data to a computer for recordkeeping purposes, leaving the crane operator free to load the car without having to keep track of the weights of each load. 

Eilon Engineering Load Cells

Eilon Engineering has been making high quality precision digital hanging scales and multiple types of load cells for over 45 years. Their repeat customer base includes everything from the entertainment industry to aerospace to heavy manufacturing to offshore. They offer several major types of load cells for sale in their catalog, all backed with a five year warranty.

The Ron 4000 Load Cell line is also extremely accurate. Its measurements will be within +/- 0.1% of full scale, with only +/- 0.1% error in linearity. A properly-sized load cell will provide consistent measurements time and time again.There are many available sizes of Ron 4000 Load Cells. 

Load Cell with Built-in Amplifier with a 5-year warranty made from high quality aerospace steel and up to 300 ton weighing capacity. Read consumer reports

A load cell is a device that converts mechanical force into an electrical signal. The higher the mechanical force (the weight of the object being lifted), the larger the electrical signal.

Load cells are the core to every electronic scale. For the most part, load cells do not have a display, but rather output their data directly to a computer or PLC for data logging and processing. Also, load cells are more convenient for measuring tension, pulling force and so on.
A crane scale is generally a full featured weighing device that includes a load cell with either an integrated display or hand held indicator.

Load cells are used for measuring tension, pulling force, and so on, where a mounted display may hinder operations instead of being a benefit.

Consider the highest load or tension expected in your process and then also consider whether this will become larger in the near future. Ideally, the load cell should cover all current capabilities plus some room for expansion. The error on these scales is +/- 0.1%, so do not buy a load cell much larger than you need.

Unique Industrial Applications of a Load Cell

Load cells can record the lifting force (weight) of a load for a crane, or the tensional force, such as the tension load cells used to tighten steel cables. They can provide relevant, continuous data for industrial processes. 

Steam Pipelines

Consider a steam pipeline that runs from a boiler to a turbine in a power plant. One of the biggest enemies of efficiency and turbine life is the condensation of that steam back into water. One way to detect this would be to hang sections of pipeline from load cells. As water condenses, it will collect in the pipeline and add mass to that section of pipe. This is because the water does not travel through the pipe. As the mass changes in that section of pipe, the load cell will detect the change and can notify the operator or, through a controller, open a purge valve, to eliminate the condensate.

Assembly Line Belts

Another example is the use of a load cell to maintain the tension of a rubber assembly line belt. Over time, the rubber becomes less elastic and the tension drops, causing it to sag between rollers. To prevent this, a tension link load cell can measure the tension continuously, and send a control signal to a tensioner pulley, so that the tension of the belt remains constant.

The Eilon Engineering Advantage

Eilon Engineering’s load cells are durable and safe for virtually all industrial and manufacturing operations.


The Ron load cells are constructed from aerospace alloy steel and coated with polyurethane for long life and device protection. They are designed to be weatherproof, meeting NEMA-4 and IP-65 ingress standards (IP67 optional). This makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor use, even in dusty and wet environments.


All Eilon Engineering load cells have been designed with a 5:1 safety factor. Furthermore, they meet ASME BTH-1-2017, ASME B30.26 and IEC 61508 fatigue ratings that guarantee long life, even with many repeated loadings. Each load cell has been proof-loaded to 200% of capacity (up to 400t), making it one of the safest load cells on the market.


Contact Eilon Engineering and speak with the load cell experts. They can help you fit a precision hanging scale or type of load cell or dynamic load cell to your manufacturing needs.

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US / Canada / International: 1-888-778-8064

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