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Bluetooth Hanging Scales


Bluetooth Hanging scales can improve the safety and quality control in virtually any manufacturing facility where raw materials or finished products are lifted using a crane or hoist. A weighing scale hanging from the crane’s tackle can report the load and ensure that the crane is not overloaded, enhancing safety on lifting equipment. 

Large entertainment venues have relied on Eilon Engineering for keeping their stages safe and their equipment suspended and balanced. Loads must be monitored in real-time to detect overload conditions and alert operators about issues to prevent dangerous conditions. Heavy stage lighting and speakers can sway and the structure on which they are hung can become unbalanced. With Bluetooth hanging scales, the loads can be monitored and kept within safe specifications.

Eilon Engineering Bluetooth Products

Eilon Engineering has been designing and manufacturing Bluetooth hanging crane scales for nearly half a decade. Their scales are digital, which makes them more accurate than analog scales. They can also be interfaced with computers, tablets and smartphones much more easily than analog scales. Each Eilon Engineering Bluetooth hanging scale can be equipped with a selection of RS232, USB and other standard output terminals, and an optional Bluetooth interface can report data without the use of a WiFi connection or a cable.

The Ron Bluetooth Receiver detects signals from up to 75 load cells or digital scales hanging from cranes, rafters or other lifting or support structures. The transmitter has a range of 150m / 450 ft, meaning it can be used in large spaces with minimal interruption in connection or loss in data. Ron Bluetooth Receiver diagram. Load cells transmit via Radio Frequency (RF) to the receiver, and the receiver translates the data and transmits it over Bluetooth links to smart devices. Data can be visualized, loads can be mapped, plotted in a bar graph or collected in a table. Data is collected and displayed in real-time, meaning safety issues can be detected early.
The Ron StageMaster 5000G4 is a specially designed system for monitoring the loads of lighting, curtains, speakers, catwalks and other items used during large performances. It can receive data from 200 separate load cells in real-time, improving the surety and safety of the stage. The StageMaster 5000G4 is a wired system, where all sensors are connected using cables and junction boxes. The system consists of up to 200 individual load cells, a Bluetooth transmitter and a laptop. From there, users can also view the data on their tablet or smartphone as needed. Load cells can vary in capacity; they do not all need to be identical.
The Ron StageMaster 6000G5 is the wireless version of the StageMaster 5000G4. Instead of a wired power connection, the StageMaster 6000G5 runs up to 5000 hours on 4 AA batteries. Besides being wireless, the 6000G5 features IP67 environmental protection.

The Ron Bluetooth Receiver system can simultaneously monitor 75 separate load cells or portable hanging cells.

Eilon Engineering’s Ron StageMaster wireless load cells are capable of operating continuously for up to 5000 hours. Over six months of uninterrupted load monitoring.

Yes, multiple receivers can be used to view measurements using tablets, smartphones or PCs

The Eilon Engineering Advantage

Eilon Engineering designs and builds some of the most rugged crane scales, load cells and dynamometers in the industry. Whether NASA needs to accurately measure the load on the crane assembling their spacecraft, or whether Cirque Du Soleil needs to ensure that rigging and lighting is secure, they rely on Eilon Engineering systems.

Rugged Design

The ruggedness of these systems is apparent in their construction and testing. Made from aerospace alloy steel, they have been designed with at least a 4:1 safety factor and have been proof loaded to 200% maximum load. They are resistant to fatigue, meeting ASME BTH-1 and IEC 61508 standards. Furthermore, they are Ingress Protection (IP) rated to at least IP65, meaning they are resistant to dust and moisture. (IP67 for all wireless models)


Besides being rugged, they are incredibly accurate. They can accurately measure loads with an error of only 0.1% of their maximum load. Their calibrations are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  Because these scales are digital they can be tared with a simple push of a button. Data is easily collected and stored for tracking and quality assurance purposes. 

Overall, the Eilon Engineering Bluetooth hanging scales as well as all types of Ron crane scales and equipment are suitable for the harsh industrial or large arena environments, with high accuracy, and all at a reasonable price point.

Eilon Engineering can help you choose the best hanging weight scale for your application and facility. Their team can also guide you through the process of connecting Bluetooth hanging scales and Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

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US / Canada / International: 1-888-778-8064

UK: 0800 8620354


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