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Smart Crane Scales


All shipping and manufacturing operations have an intrinsic need for weighing of goods. Weight is a key factor that must be precisely and accurately measured. For this purpose such operations employ crane scales. Smart crane scales that also offer accurate measurement, robust design and industry proven technology can streamline operations and offer greater accountability.
One of the key features of smart crane scales is the ability to provide data to a variety of devices. This allows for flexibility in the processing or visualization of the data, giving greater insight into existing processes or simplifying them by integrating into any cranes or hoists already in place.

Smart Crane Scales By Eilon Engineering


Eilon Classic Load Cell
Available in capacities ranging from 0.5t up to 300 tons. Smart Crane Scale for any application.
Ron Bluetooth Receiver
The Bluetooth portable radio receiver makes it possible to up 75 Smart Cranes Scales on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Advanced reporting capabilities.
Ron StageMaster 6000G5 Wireless Load Monitoring
Advanced crane scale technology: up to 200 load cells per receiver. Master/Slave function. Long range, SMS Alert. Integration with existing systems, and more.
Shackle Pin Load Cell
For low head-room applications
Ron 2501H - Wireless Crane Scale
Featuring hand held indicator capable of reading up to 8 load cells. Automatic sum calculation. Advanced data logging capabilities available.

Smart cranes scales offer additional functionality beyond just weighing. A smart crane scale is capable of calculating cumulative loads. A radio crane scale can transmit measurements to distant indicators. A bluetooth crane scale can connect to smartphones, tablets and PCs. Advanced crane scales offer flexibility and excellent reporting capabilities.

Your first concern when purchasing a scale of any kind should be the accuracy. Some tasks require a higher degree of accuracy than others, though a scale with higher accuracy will perform better at all tasks.
Eilon Engineering Smart Crane Scales offer an excellent 0.1% of full scale accuracy. A scale with 0.1% accuracy is suitable for the vast majority of industrial applications including precision aerospace manufacturing. 
A smart crane scale should also be robust in design, with consideration being taken to protect the electronics from potentially rough environments. 
Crane scales should also have significant safety features as any load that is lifted is dangerous. Many lifting operations require a scale be used to prevent overloads that could endanger people and equipment.

A smart crane scale uses a strain gauge based load cell to measure weights. In the case of a radio crane scales, the measurement data is transmitted to a distant receiver. A bluetooth crane scale can transmit to nearby smartphones, tablets or PCs. The receiver can then offer multiple options for data output, calculation and display. This can include the tracking of a day’s work or measurements from multiple crane working in concert. A smart crane scale is capable of taking the guesswork out of many day to day tasks.

The portable nature of smart crane scales make them ideal for use for on-site inspection of lifting equipment or on the spot weighing in locations where no other means of weighing exist. Any operation running any type of hoisting equipment can also potentially weigh anything that can be lifted. Advanced data processing capabilities can calculate total weight from multiple lifts to expedite receipt of goods or dispatch of finished products.

Eilon Engineering both designs and manufactures all of its advanced crane scale technology. Swift development and software customization allow us to offer bespoke solutions for any weighing challenge.

Decades of Experience

Eilon Engineering has been a market leader in both the fields of accurate measurement and wireless communication for nearly 50 years. Our in-house software development team brings these two technologies together to offer world class smart crane scales with feature rich data gathering applications. From simple single scale indicators to a real time load map of multiple scales on a tablet, smart crane scales can offer cost effective solutions to any weighing challenge.

Advanced Data Gathering

Smart crane scales and multipoint receivers make it possible to gather weight from any point suspensions. If your process includes the use of a crane or hoist to move materials, the addition of smart crane scales makes it an opportunity for data gathering and tracking. Calculate inventory or material loss between stages. A smart crane scale can replace platform scale by easily calculating the total weight lifted over multiple batches. Track a day’s work or automatically update inventory systems.

Unique Features

Eilon Engineering Radio and Bluetooth crane scales offer a heavy duty, field proven design. A market leading 5 year warranty makes for worry free operation and reduced down time. Extreme battery life (2000 hours) combined with the use of standard AA batteries ensures the smart crane scale is always available
A unique design with 90 degrees between shackle holes for bending moment reduction. Standard transmission range of 150m can be boosted by the factory to exceed 1000m and more.

Industries benefiting from Smart Crane Scales

Due to their robust design and accurate, reliable measurement Eilon Engineering Smart Crane Scales are used by a diverse range of users and applications. From the desert to the arctic Smart Crane Scales are a popular tool. Extreme portability makes it possible to bring high accuracy weighing to any site with ease.

Our Smart Crane Scales can be found in a variety of industries, including:

  • Construction
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial Fishing Operations
  • Offshore Oil and Gas
  • Foundries
  • Stage Rigging
  • Complex Super-Heavy Lifting
  • Wind Turbine Installation and Maintenance

Eilon Engineering has been a leader in the world of load monitoring for nearly 50 years and brings its considerable experience to bring high quality smart crane scales to customers around the world.
Contact our knowledgeable staff today and we will help you select the smart crane scales that best fits your needs. 

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US / Canada / International: 1-888-778-8064

UK: 0800 8620354


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