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Crane Hook Scales

As opposed to mechanical crane scales, which use imprecise dials and needles, digital crane scales offer high accuracy measurement as an easily readable number which can be displayed in multiple locations.
When clarity and flexibility are required, it is hard to beat a digital scale.

Crane Scales by Eilon Engineering

Eilon Engineering’s line of digital crane scales are offered with a wide range of additional options to make them suitable for all your load measuring needs. 

Ron 2000H - Wired Crane Scale
Portable crane scale with wired handheld indicator. Lightweight and highly accurate.
Ron 2501H - Wireless Crane Scale
Digital crane scale with wireless indicator. Extremely portable and easy to use.
Ron 2150H - Wired Crane Scale
igital crane scale with large display aluminum indicator. Display can be attached to the scale
Ron 2125H - Wired Crane Scale
Portable crane scale with aluminum indicator. Display can be held by the scale or in the hand (up to 12.5t).

When choosing an industrial crane scale the first consideration should be the capacity of the scale. The capacity will determine the maximum load that can be handled. Generally speaking, the capacity of the digital hook scale should be matched with the capacity of the hoist or crane being used with it. Doing so helps prevent accidental overloads due to misunderstanding of the working capacity of the crane. The next consideration would be the level of accuracy desired for application, the greater the accuracy the more reliable the measurements. Lastly would be the configuration of the weight scale hook measurement display. Digital crane scales are available with integrated displays and robust cages or as long range wireless configurations.
Variously sized multiple displays, high temperature capabilities, data loggers with PC output and multiple load cell displays are also possible configurations that can be purchased.

There are many manufacturers of industrial crane scales, ranging from high-end, long lasting precision instruments to those manufactured with cost being the only consideration. Any time a load is lifted every single item used to lift it should be of the highest quality and designed for safety. All lifting hardware should have at least a 5:1 safety factor (4:1 for hooks). Items meant to be used repeatedly (like a digital crane scale) should be designed with potential fatigue in mind (fatigue rated). One of the most common applications for high quality crane scales is as a permanent installation for the purpose of overload detection. Only a well designed crane hook scale can provide longevity, safety and reliability. Considering the actual danger present any time multiple tons are lifted only high quality components should be used. Safety is always more cost effective than the consequences of having an accident.

Any industrial process whereby a crane or hoist is used can benefit from an industrial crane scale. A digital crane scale can be used to prevent overloads on lifting equipment. Crane hook scales are most commonly used to weigh materials and goods at various stages of manufacturing. Incoming shipments can be precisely measured. A hanging scale can help determine that in-process containers are properly filled.
Multiple crane hook scales can provide facility-wide data gathering from all lifting and hoisting equipment.
Automatic, site-wide inventory control can also be achieved. In the world of stage rigging, wireless scales can be used to monitor complex rigging operations using hundreds of hoists. At shipyards, high capacity scales are used for coordinating super-heavy lifts of oil rig decking and vessel bulkheads with multiple cranes.

Eilon Engineering has been a leading designer and manufacturer of high precision, safety focused load measuring systems for over 47 years. The experience gained from cooperative projects with organizations such as NASA, Lockheed Martin, Ford, and militaries around the world aided in the development of our highly portable, reliable and accurate load monitoring systems. Our cutting-edge wireless technology can be configured to operate in almost any environment, offering super long range communication or alternative frequencies for difficult transmission environments such as launch sites and military installations. Ron Crane Scales systems are designed and built with rough industrial environments in mind.

The digital nature of the Ron Crane Scales line of hanging scales make it possible to offer advanced functionality, such as automatic inventory control or simplified measurement of multiple loads (e.g. loading/unloading a truck). Measurements can even be downloaded to a PC for detailed analysis.
Digital hook scales are also used to prevent overloads or simply track the operation of lifting equipment.

Industrial Crane Scales Around the World

Hanging scales, crane scales and weight scale hook series can be found in almost every industry. From wind turbine farms to livestock farming. From aerospace manufacturers to oyster aquaculture. Load measurement systems can be used in a wide variety of applications. Custom configurations make it possible to provide solutions to almost any load monitoring challenge. Wireless hanging scales can be used for complex lifting of delicate equipment or precise weighing and tracking of incoming shipments of raw material and fulfilled orders of completed products.  
Crane scales can be found in daily operation in a surprising number of applications. Aerospace companies use digital crane scales for high precision lifting and placement of components for satellites and spacecraft. Biologists have taken Eilon Engineering digital scales above the arctic circle to aid them in their research of polar bear populations. Helicopter bush pilots use crane hook scales for immediate weight verification of cargo suspended below on external slings. Any load monitoring challenge can be met with the right configuration of digital hook scale and weight scale hook.

Ron Crane Scales Feature Set

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 2000 hours of battery life (optional 4000 on wireless models)
  • +/- 0.1% Accuracy (of full scale)
  • Fatigue rated 5:1 safety factor load cell bodies
  • IP67 standard on wireless models (Optional on wired)
  • NIST traceable calibration certificate
  • Rich option sets for customization

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