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Telemetry Crane Scale


Telemetry crane scales make it possible to monitor loads and measure weights across vast distances.


What are telemetry crane scales?

Telemetry is the wireless transfer of data, usually via radio waves. And crane scales are industrial devices used to measure the weight of a lifted load and are usually attached to a crane.

This means that a telemetry crane scale is one that uses wireless technology or telemetry to transmit the weight of the load to a wireless receiver. They’re also known as wireless or remote crane scales.

These devices play an important role in many heavy industries, and crane scales in construction, shipping, and logistics are particularly important.

Benefits of a telemetry crane scale

Not all crane scales are created equal, and different lifting applications call for different crane scale features.

For example, in some applications, a wired crane scale might be sufficient. In others, a crane scale with a built-in display will do the trick.

But in many applications, a telemetry crane scale with a remote read-out is a must. The wireless capability allows for greater flexibility and can be adapted to a wider range of lifting applications.

So what are some of the various industries that rely on telemetry crane scales?

Ron 2501 Wireless Crane Scale
Ron 2501 Wireless Crane Scale


Telemetry crane scales in construction

The role of crane scales in construction is significant. They’re used to weigh and manage materials that need to be moved or lifted during a construction process. This increases safety and efficiency. 

Crane scales are an essential tool for promoting safety by ensuring that cranes, forklifts, and other lifting equipment don’t exceed their maximum load-bearing capacity.

Overloading heavy equipment can lead to serious accidents, equipment failure, and costly project delays. But, by using a telemetry crane scale, construction firms can prevent such occurrences, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and keeping their workforce safe.

Telemetry crane scales in shipping and logistics

The role of crane scales in shipping and logistics is significant—today they have become an integral part of the shipping and logistics industries. They are used to precisely measure the weight of the loads that are being transported, which is vital for ensuring balanced, safe, and efficient operations. 

Crane scales play a significant role in managing shipping weights and balancing loads, thereby improving operational efficiency. By providing accurate and real-time weight measurements, they eliminate the risk of overloading or underloading, which can cause serious consequences such as damage or loss of goods, safety threats, and legal compliance issues. 

Using crane scales helps in distributing the load evenly and ensuring that the total weight falls within the safe operating limits of the transporting equipment.

Moreover, the effect of crane scales on load efficiency is significant. Overloading is not only dangerous, but it also reduces transport efficiency by causing undue strain on the transport equipment and increasing fuel consumption. By accurately verifying the load weight, you can ensure optimum utilization of the transport vehicle's capacity, maximizing shipping efficiency.

3-ton wireless Ron 2501 crane scale used in a shipping application
3-ton wireless Ron 2501 crane scale used in a shipping application


What to know before you buy a telemetry crane scale

Crane scales vs. dynamometers

First, it’s important to understand if your application calls for a crane scale or a dynamometer. The primary difference between the two is that the former has an upper shackle and a lower hook, while the latter has both upper and lower shackles. 

This difference can be critical. For example, if your application calls for applying tension horizontally, then a dynamometer will likely be preferable.

Another difference is the maximum lifting capacity. While dynamometers can have capacities as high as 300 tons, most crane scale lines top out at around 30 tons max capacity.


Not all weighing systems are made with the same level of quality. Since safety is such an important factor in heavy industries, it pays to invest in a high-quality system from a reputable manufacturer. 

For example, Eilon Engineering has been a leading manufacturer of crane scales and an innovator in developing telemetry technology in the field. Our wireless Ron 2501 crane scale leads the field in features like battery life, accuracy, portability, and more. 

With more than 45 years of experience in the field and repeat customers like NASA, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and many others, you can be sure that you’ll receive a weighing system of the highest quality and safety standards. 


  • Telemetry crane scales utilize wireless technology to transmit the weight of a load to a receiver.
  • These scales have significant implications in several industries requiring heavy lifting, including construction and shipping, where they increase safety and efficiency by preventing overloads. 
  • When purchasing a telemetry crane scale, be sure you know the difference between crane scales vs. dynamometers. (Crane scales have a hook, while dynamometers have both upper and lower shackles.)
  • Additionally, it is essential to select a quality device from a reputable manufacturer to maintain compliance with safety regulations and minimize the risk of on-site accidents.

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