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40 ton Crane Scales

Crane scales are tools that are widely employed as a way to gauge the amount of weight or force being applied to a structure or lifting device, like a crane or a hoist. Eilon Engineering has the ideal solution for you if you find yourself in need of one to improve manufacturing, shorten the time it takes to process shipments, swiftly measure any load, or provide overload monitoring. There is no need to seek anywhere else if you require a heavy-duty 40ton crane scale of the highest caliber.

Eilon Engineering Line of Crane Scales

Crane scales can be purchased in a variety of capacities: A company that handles raw materials, such as gravel, may require only a 40t crane scale, while a shipyard could require a 100 ton crane scale.
Eilon Engineering’s line of digital crane scales are offered with a wide range of additional options to make them suitable for all  your load measuring needs. Crane scales weighing can help improve almost any process.


Ron 2501H - Wireless Crane Scale
Wireless crane scale for easy installation. 150m standard range, longer ranges available
Ron 2150H - Wired Crane Scale
Large display aluminum indicator. Display can be mounted on the scale or held in hand.
Ron 2125H - Wired Crane Scale
Aluminum indicator crane scale - Handheld display can be mounted on scale (up to 12.5t).
Ron 2000H - Wired Crane Scale
Wired crane scale with handheld indicator. Highly accurate and reliable
Ron 2000S - Wired Dynamometer
Low cost without sacrificing accuracy
Ron 2125S - Wired Dynamometer
Robust aluminum display, hand-held or attached to scale
Ron 2150S - Wired Dynamometer
Large display aluminum indicator high readability

Digital crane scales generally consist of a load cell and a display unit. The load cell is the load bearing part of the crane scales. As the load cell body bears the weight or load applied to it, highly accurate sensors measure the strain on the steel. The sensors generate an analog signal that changes proportional to the strain on the load cell body. The display unit measures the signal and uses it to generate a human readable weight measurement that is then shown on the digital screen. In the case of a wireless crane scale the weight reading is transmitted to the display unit allowing for the operator to be a long distance from the load being measured.

Crane scale weighing can be found in use in all types of industries. Logistics companies will add a crane scale to existing cranes or hoists to speed up the unloading process by integrating incoming order weighing into the unloading process. Aerospace manufacturers use crane scales to precisely control billions of dollars worth of launch payloads during the rocket stacking process. Commercial Ports use crane scales for testing of lifting and mooring infrastructure. Oil & gas applications use 40t crane scales and dynamometers and even bigger capacities like 100t systems. Another use of 40t systems is for bollard pull tests.

Industrial crane scales from Eilon Engineering are available in a comprehensive array of configurations for crane scales weighing and have been on the market for 47 years. Our vast experience allows us to offer some of the most robust while compact crane scales on the market. Whether you need a 25 ton crane scale for shipment weighing or a 100 ton crane scale for bollard pull testing, we have a model for you. Eilon Engineering crane scales are currently in use at aerospace organizations around the world.

Unique Features

Ron Crane Scales brand of crane weighing equipment offers a compelling list of advantages that make them stand out among its competitors

  • High Accuracy: 0.1 % of full scale, supplied with NIST traceable calibration certificate
  • Fatigue rated load cells capable of withstanding a practically unlimited number of of load cycles (provided capacity is not exceeded)
  • Market leading battery life of 2000 - 10,000 hours for months of worry free operations
  • Exceedingly small dimensions for portability and reduced headroom loss.
  • Advanced wireless capabilities, 200 load cells on a single receiver
  • Multiple display options
  • 5 year warranty
  • Offshore environment capabilities
  • Additional options packages for any application: High temperature industries, automation integration, PC connectivity and more.
  • Compact dimensions allow for portability and minimal headroom loss

Advanced Configurations

Crane scale weighing with advanced functions can add to almost any process. Handhelds equipped with automatic tallying of successive lifts, overload alarms, multi scale simultaneous measurement and even custom software integration; digital crane scales can be configured for a multitude of applications. High temperature options and offshore capabilities, 40ton crane scales capable of operating in almost any environment, Multiple displays and handhelds, Realtime load map displays, smartphone and tablet compatibility; any weighing challenge can be overcome with the right equipment.

There are many different models and configurations that can be offered to fit any particular need or application requiring crane scales weighing
Contact Eilon Engineering today and let our experienced engineers tailor a solution for you.

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US / Canada / International: 1-888-778-8064

UK: 0800 8620354


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