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100t Ton Crane Scales


With the correct 100 ton crane scale, you can ensure that your loads are weighed with precision and efficiency, helping to improve productivity and safety in your operations. If you want to improve safety and efficiency in your industry, you need a crane scales manufacturer you can trust. Eilon Engineering has a wide range of crane scales for all heavy loads, backed by 47 years of experience and quality products and services. Our systems are offered with a 5 Year Warranty, they offer 0.1% accuracy, very long battery life, reliable and long transmission range and small dimensions that make them portable. For more information, contact us today.


Ron 2150H - Wired Crane Scale
igital crane scale with large display aluminum indicator. Display can be attached to the scale
Ron 2501H - Wireless Crane Scale
Digital crane scale with wireless indicator. Extremely portable and easy to use.
Ron 2000H - Wired Crane Scale
Portable crane scale with wired handheld indicator. Lightweight and highly accurate.
Ron 2125H - Wired Crane Scale
Portable crane scale with aluminum indicator. Display can be held by the scale or in the hand (up to 12.5t).

100t crane scales are highly accurate. They are designed to withstand the harsh environments in which they operate, and their load cells are made from high-quality materials that withstand up to 100t of force without losing their accuracy or reliability. With a properly calibrated 100t crane scale, you can be confident that your measurements will be accurate within a minimal margin of error. Ron Crane Scales are accurate to 0.1% of their full scale. This high accuracy ensures safe and efficient work.

Yes, 100 ton Ron crane scales are used with different types of cranes. They are designed to be versatile and used with various lifting equipment, including cranes and other lifting devices. Accordingly, this makes them a popular choice for many industries, including construction, mining, and transportation.

Yes, 100 ton Ron crane scales are relatively easy to install and use. They come with clear instructions on how to set and calibrate them, and many models are wireless, which means they can be easily transported and set up wherever you need them. Ron Crane Scales are especially portable thanks to their small dimensions and light weight. Once set up, they are simple to use, with digital readouts that make it easy to get accurate weight measurements.

When choosing 100 ton crane scales, there are several factors to consider. First, ensure the scale has the capacity you need for your specific application. It would help if you also considered accuracy, durability, battery life, transmission range and ease of use. Other factors include the type of lifting equipment you will be using with the scale and the type of environment in which the scale will be used. Ron Crane Scales checks all these boxes. For more details contact us. 

Applications for 100t ton Crane Scales

When it comes to weighing heavy loads, accuracy is crucial. In construction, mining and transportation industries, the weight of goods being transported can significantly impact safety and efficiency. This is where 100t ton crane scales come in.
These  systems are used to move materials around on industrial facilities as well as aerospace and oil & gas sites where they need to be weighed before moving from one place to another or loaded onto trucks for transport elsewhere. Although there are also 250 ton crane scales available, we'll focus on the different applications of 100 ton crane scales in this article 

1. Construction

In the construction industry, 100 ton crane scales are used to weigh large building materials such as steel beams, concrete blocks, and piping. These scales are essential for ensuring that the materials being lifted are within the safe working load limits of the crane and  prevent overloading the crane, leading to accidents and safety hazards. In addition they increase safety and help verify suppliers' reports.
The large 100 ton crane scales are also used for moving manufactured homes.

2.  Aerospace

In the aerospace  industry, 100t ton crane scales are used to weigh large components, capsules and rockets  In this application both our single point 100t ton systems are used, as well as our Ron StageMaster multipoint systems where several 100t systems are used to simultaneously lift heavy objects and make sure the load is evenly distributed

3.  Oil & gas

In the oil & gas  industry, 100t ton crane scales are used to weigh large objects like steel platforms used for the construction of oil rigs. In this application, huge objects are lifted by several cranes and our multipoint systems ensure that this complex lifting is done while the load is distributed evenly.

4. Heavy industry

In heavy industries, heavy objects like huge domes are being lifted and measuring these objects helps to make sure that the heavy object is free from all securing devices, otherwise the measured value will be higher than the heavy object’s self weight. This is an accurate indication of the fact that the heavy object is still fastened and needs to be released.  

5. Nuclear industry

In the nuclear segment building a new nuclear power plant involves lifting heavy loads. 100t ton crane scales are used to weigh these heavy loads.. These crane scales are essential for ensuring that the cranes  are not overloaded, which can lead to severe safety hazards.

6. Special Material Handling

In material handling, 100t ton crane scales are used to weigh large materials transported by cranes. These scales are essential for ensuring that the cranes operate safely and securely under expected loads.

Types of 100t ton Crane Scales

Bluetooth Crane Scales

Bluetooth crane scales can be used for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Real-time monitoring and data transfer. Bluetooth crane scales provide wireless communication that allows you to monitor your equipment in real-time. You'll never have to worry about missing important information because you can see it all on your mobile device or computer screen.
  • Easy data transfer between devices and platforms, such as computers and smartphones. Accordingly, this makes it easy to share information with other people who may need access to it at any given moment--and they don't even have to be physically present!

Digital Crane Scales

Digital crane scales are the most accurate type of crane scale and can be used for various applications. They are easy to use, with a digital display and adjustable settings.

Factors to Consider When Choosing 100t ton Crane Scales

When purchasing a crane scale, there are several factors to consider.

  • First, you'll want to ensure the crane scale has the necessary capacity. If your load is too heavy for your crane scale, it won't be able to measure it accurately and could even cause damage or injury if misused. Any overload is dangerous and needs to be avoided at any cost.
  • Next, consider accuracy: how precise is this 100t ton crane scale? The more accurate your  crane scales are, the faster an overload will be detected.
  • Durability is another crucial factor in choosing 100 ton crane scales. How long will this model last? Will it withstand years of use without breaking down? If so, this may be a good option for your business! Our systems have been in the market since 1976 and are offered with 5 Year Warranty.
  • Finally--and most importantly--you should think about the user interface when deciding which 100 ton crane scales suit you: does this model have an easy-to-use interface with clear instructions on how best to use its features (such as calibration)

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