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Wireless Force Measurement

In today's industrial landscape, precise force measurement plays a critical role across numerous sectors. From ensuring the structural integrity of buildings to the rigorous testing of material properties, understanding the forces at play is vital. However, traditional wired force measurement systems can be cumbersome, limiting mobility and posing safety risks such as tripping hazards from cables.

This is where wireless force measurement comes in. By eliminating wires, wireless systems offer a multitude of advantages. Eilon Engineering, a leader in measurement technology, provides cutting-edge wireless force measurement solutions designed to enhance efficiency, safety, and data collection capabilities. From wireless crane scales to wireless dynamometers and other portable wireless load products, Eilon Engineering's comprehensive range caters to diverse applications in construction, manufacturing, research & development, and more.

Multi-point system with three 125-ton load cells used in shipbuilding
Multi-point system with three 125-ton load cells used in shipbuilding

Advantages of wireless force measurement

Traditional wired force measurement systems, while effective, have a few significant drawbacks. Wireless load measurement products, such as wireless tension load cells, wireless dynamometers, and multi-point wireless load monitoring systems overcome these limitations, offering several advantages that streamline workflows and improve safety.

Enhanced safety

One of the most significant benefits of wireless systems is the elimination of tripping hazards. Tangled cables pose a serious risk to workers in fast-paced environments. By removing cables altogether, wireless systems create a safer work area, minimizing the potential for accidents and injuries.

Increased efficiency

Setting up wired systems can be time-consuming, involving the tedious task of routing and securing cables.  Wireless systems eliminate this step entirely.  The ease of deployment translates to faster setup times, allowing workers to begin taking measurements quicker for maximum productivity. Additionally, data collection becomes more efficient. Wireless systems can transmit data in real time, eliminating the need for manual data transfer and reducing the risk of errors.

Improved mobility

Wired systems often restrict the placement of force sensors due to cable limitations.  Wireless systems, on the other hand, offer unparalleled mobility.  Measurements can be conducted in hard-to-reach locations, confined spaces, or on moving objects—areas previously inaccessible with wired systems. This flexibility allows for a wider range of applications and more comprehensive data acquisition.

Real-time data acquisition

Wireless systems transmit data in real time, providing immediate access to critical force measurements. This allows for on-the-spot analysis and decision-making. This helps improve the overall process control and product quality.

Reduced costs

The elimination of cables not only improves safety but can also translate into cost savings. Installation costs associated with wired systems, such as labor for cable routing and maintenance, are significantly reduced with wireless technology. Additionally, the increased efficiency and real-time data acquisition capabilities of wireless systems can lead to improved process optimization and reduced waste, further impacting cost reduction.

Eilon Engineering's wireless force measurement systems

For close to five decades, Eilon Engineering has remained at the forefront of innovative wireless force measurement solutions, offering a comprehensive range of wireless load measurement products that cater to diverse applications. Here's a glimpse into some of our key offerings.

Wireless tension load cells

Load cells are the core of our wireless weighing systems. These versatile sensors measure tension forces wirelessly, ideal for applications like monitoring cable tension in construction projects, weighing suspended loads, and testing the strength of ropes and wires. Eilon Engineering's wireless tension load cells boast a wide capacity range, allowing users to measure forces from delicate threads to heavy industrial cables. Their compact and robust design ensures durability in demanding environments.

Wireless dynamometers

Our line of dynamometers makes use of our classic load cell body, combined with a wireless load cell readout and upper and lower shackles. They’re used in a wide range of industrial tasks and applications such as inventory management, quality control, tension testing, load testing, weighing cargo, and more. Capacities range from a half-ton to 300 tons.

Wireless load monitoring systems

When it comes to load monitoring for large rigs like those commonly found in stage and entertainment rigging, our Ron StageMaster load monitoring and overload prevention system can’t be beat. Combining our proven wireless technology with the ability to simultaneously monitor up to 200 lifting points on the same screen, the Ron StageMaster represents the height of wireless load monitoring.

Portable wireless load

Eilon Engineering recognizes the need for on-the-go wireless force measurement solutions. Our portable wireless load cells are lightweight, compact, and easy to use, making them ideal for field applications such as weighing cargo during transportation, measuring pull and push forces in maintenance tasks, and performing load testing in remote locations.

A 5-ton Ron 2501 wireless crane scale
A 5-ton Ron 2501 wireless crane scale

Choosing the right wireless force measurement device for you

When choosing a wireless weighing system, there are many factors to consider. First and foremost is quality. High-quality systems afford their users peace of mind—lifting heavy objects in an industrial application can be dangerous work, and high-quality wireless crane scales will help ensure a safe lift. 

Next is accurate. You’ll want a system with an accuracy of 0.1% of full scale, like all of our Ron Crane Scale systems. Accuracy is always of high importance both in terms of safety and in terms of business operations. An inaccurate system could lead to costly errors, such as in inventory tracking or other applications.

Third, is portability and ease of use. Portability lets you easily transport your scales to the job site or make changes to the application while on-site. And an easy-to-use system means any team member can learn to use it quickly, saving hassle for everyone. This both saves time and leads to increased safety. 

Finally, you’ll want a certified system that’s guaranteed to be safe and dependable. 

At Eilon Engineering, we operate according to a strict quality management system with annual audits by Lloyd’s Register LRQA. Our Research & Development, manufacturing, and calibration laboratory are certified according to the ISO 9001 total quality management standard and audited by Lloyd’s Register LRQA on site.

Learn more

No matter what your application is, Eilon Engineering is sure to have a wireless force measurement system that will meet your needs. Give us a call today, and we’ll be happy to help you find the system that’s right for you.

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