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Tension dynamometer


Ron Crane Scale and tension dynamometer scale series

Ron crane scales and dynamometers are usually used for weighing during lifting. However, tension dynamometers can also be used for horizontal force measurement, for example:

  • Cable tension measurement
  • Dragging force measurement
  • Bollard pull test conducted by a pull dynamometer
  • Belt tension dynamometer
  • And more.

The Ron tension dynamometer is especially suitable for the above applications, thanks to its unique features:

  • Small dimensions of the dynamometer scale allow for portability which is important for field tests.
  • Long battery life (between 2000 to 4000 hours of battery life) allows comfortable use of the tension dynamometer in field test conditions.
  • Fatigue rated load cells (All Eilon Engineering load cells are fatigue rated) ensures a practically unlimited number of cycles while using the dynamometer scale, as long as the load cell is not overloaded.
  • High accuracy of the pull dynamometer: 0.1% of full capacity allows for quick detection of overload and accurate tests of pull proof load tests.  
  • Long and reliable transmission range in the wireless dynamometer scale models allows an extra layer of safety for the users as they can stand in a safe distance from the load cell. This is especially important in pull tests where the cable might break at some point.
  • High sealing level of the tension dynamometer is important for working outdoors. Ron tension dynamometer models are available with IP 65 for the wired models and IP 67 for the wireless models. IP 65 is defined as weatherproof and IP 67 allows for the tension dynamometer gauge to be used in offshore environments where there is high probability of splashes of water.
  • Wide temperature range of the tension dynamometer is also important for working outdoors. Ron crane scale, dynamometer scale and pull dynamometer series are available with the following wide temperature range: 
  •             Load cell: -15°F to +175°F (-25°C to +80°C) Indicator: -4°F to +158°F (-20°C to +70°C) 
  •             This is especially important when working in cold or hot climates
  • All Ron crane scales and tension dynamometer series are supplied with a 5 year warranty which is possible thanks to the systems’ high quality and reliability.
  • Ron tension dynamometer series are supplied with high quality carrying cases, allowing for their portability which is important for any pull dynamometer for conducting tests and measurements in the field.

Ron Crane Scale and tension dynamometer scale series are supplied in several unique models:

  • Ron 2000 - Wired dynamometer scale

  • Ron 2501 - Wireless dynamometer scales

  • Ron 2125 - Dynamometer scale with 1”/25mm attachable aluminum display

  • Ron 2150 - Dynamometer scale with 2”/50mm attachable aluminum display

So, please contact our crane scales and dynamometer experts for each horizontal measurement need you might have, they would be happy to analyze your unique needs as well as working conditions and recommend the most relevant system for your needs, a system that will not only increase safety but also add value to your work, whether it’s increased efficiency, cost reduction or increased revenues. For more details please contact us.


How can I measure tension on cables?
Using a parallel section of cable with a cable gripper, adding a dynamometer to this section and a pulling device. Using the pulling device and the dynamometer to reach the desired tension on the section cable. Then releasing the grip devices transfers the desired tension to the original cable. This is an accurate method to measure the cable tension using a tension dynamometers

What is Eilon Engineering’s expected delivery time for Ron tension dynamometer systems?
We hold all systems in stock which allows us to have short delivery time.

How long has the Ron Crane Scales and dynamometers been in the market?
Eilon Engineering was established in 1976. Since then we gained a lot of experience as well as international recognition and high profile customers like NASA, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Cirque du Soleil, GE, Vestas and many others. 

Why do Eilon Classic load cells have 90 degrees between shackle holes?
The special design helps to eliminate external bending moments that often exist during lifting and therefore increases the accuracy of the measurements while increasing safety.

Why are dynamometers more suitable for horizontal force measurements than crane scales?
Crane scales come with a bottom hook instead of shackle (in the dynamometers) and therefore their self weight is higher, they are usually not supplied with carrying cases and therefore they are not as portable as the dynamometers. Crane scales are more suitable for fixed installation. Then, the ability to easily attach the load to the hook makes for easier and more efficient use of the system in these applications.

Can Ron crane scales and dynamometers be calibrated by the user?
Provided the user has a known weight, it is possible for the user to make a user calibration which uses two load points: zero and about 80% of the rated capacity. This is more of a calibration check i.e. a check to see if the system is calibrated. If it is not, it is recommended to return the system to us or to any authorized force calibration lab, to perform a full calibration.

What other applications are there for Ron crane scales and dynamometers?
The variety of applications is very wide: Any time a crane is used for lifting, a weighing during lifting is needed to gather information, for proof load test and overload prevention. 
Using Ron Crane scales and dynamometers will add safety, efficiency, cost reduction and sometimes even addition of revenues.
Applications include weighing in foundries, in offshore applications like oil rigs, wind turbines, aerospace, live events and more. 

What are the main differences between the different Ron crane scales and dynamometers?
Ron crane scales and dynamometers are available in a variety of models, both as wired and wireless models, with either hook or shackle in the bottom, in different sizes and types of displays and in a wide variety of capacities. It will be safe to say that we can supply a solution to practically any demand for shape, function, type and budget of crane scale and tension dynamometer series for any type of weighing during lifting or horizontal force measurement 

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US / Canada / International: 1-888-778-8064

UK: 0800 8620354


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