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The Venetian


By Jonathan Quitt
Technical Director
The Venetian


I write today  because there have been so many changes to our industry post-pandemic.
Many good people have left the industry and, I fear, a good deal of institutional knowledge has been lost.

Thus, I think it a good time to remind our rigging and safety professionals, along with trade show, convention, and entertainment
venue management executives, as to the critically important issues surrounding rigging safety. Our business, and very lives,
depend upon a cautious, approach to this matter.

In that light, I would like to stress the value of integrating load sensors, and active load monitoring of all rigging attachments
to the overhead installations on the trade show floor, ballrooms (with temporary AND fixed points), and temporary venues (outdoor festival and event stages).

Eilon Engineering has been a pioneer in this technology for over 40 years. I have also been in the entertainment, exhibition, and corporate special events industry
for over 40 years. Over that period of time, I have been witness to a number of catastrophic, and near- catastrophic rigging accidents. Most , if not all were preventable.

This is why, I invested in Eilon load sensing and monitoring systems for the Venetian Resort Entertainment Department. This was not because of an over-abundance
of caution. It was an imperative. It made good sense. We hang thousands of pounds of lighting, video, and audio, over both our stages, and house seating areas.
As a technical director (and former rigger), I am responsible for technical operations and life-safety. Eilon load sensing and active monitoring is a core component of our
safety plan. Their technology is simply the best in the world.

We have employed the EIlon system for well-over two years. It has performed flawlessly. We use the wireless monitoring and check our tablet every time our loads move.
We have multiple motor points suspending our large LED walls and insuring that all loads are properly balanced at all times is of critical importance. Other than a battery
change once every six months, there have been zero maintenance issues. If I needed any support, Eilon technical specialists are always a call away. Parts, replacements, or additional
units, are a two day FEDEX away.

So , to summarize, I greatly value my relationship with the Eilon Engineering team. I trust them to help keep us safe, and their equipment has brought me a great measure of comfort.
You only have to look at the pictures of a  massive multi- million dollar LED wall at a local arena, lying in a pile of twisted wreckage on the arena floor following a  recent rigging failure
and you will know exactly what I am talking about.

As a venue management executive, or contracted rigging supplier, you can no longer ignore ,or push off, a decision to make Eilon load monitoring a core component of your requirements
for rigging in your facility. Purchase the system, or insist that your rigging contractor purchase the system. Given what is at stake, this is relatively small investment in safety. You really don’t
want to find out the real cost , both monetary, and in lives lost, if something goes wrong. I do not know of any clients , who wouldn’t happily pay and additional $50 or even $100 per rigging point
to guaranty the safety and security of their participants, and attendees. It’s a  basic risk management issue.

So yes….I absolutely support the use of this system, and would be pleased to speak to all who may have questions, or are in the decision process.

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US / Canada / International: 1-888-778-8064

UK: 0800 8620354


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