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Precision Digital Hanging Scale


Crane Scale Products

Eilon Engineering offers many different crane scale products each with its own customizable features and ranges that allow us to find a perfect fit for your measurement application. Depending on what is wanted and needed, there are many different features and capabilities that can be added to each of our crane scales to match your needs. These products include the following:



Crane Scale with Protective Cage
The Ron 3050 line of scales are available for loads up to 15 tons. They feature a larger, 2 inch / 50 mm display, but are otherwise similar to the Ron 3025 line. The Ron 3050 can be fitted with an optional, protective cage and remote control, just like the smaller Ron 3025.
Crane Scale with Protective Cage
The Ron 3025 line is available for maximum loads of up to 12.5 tons. It has a high-contrast, 1 inch / 25 mm display, and can be interfaced with an optional remote control. For rugged environments where the scale could be impacted, there is also the option to fit the Ron 3025 line with a protective steel cage.
The Ron 2501 series are wireless, hanging digital crane scales that can weigh up to 30 tons (Hook Type model) and up to 300t (Shackle Type model). It features a wireless radio control that has a range of 150 meters (longer range is optional), meaning operators can be located in the crane cab, or in an office or control station away from the actual crane operation, if need be. They are powered by AA batteries that will last over 2000 hours. (4000 hours optional)
2150H Wired Crane Scales
The Ron 2150 is electronically similar to the Ron 2125, but has a larger, 2 inch / 50 mm display. The larger backlit display makes low-light conditions or viewing the display through safety glasses much easier. These scales are available with load capacities of up to 30 tons.
2125H Wired Crane Scales
The Ron 2125 series are wired, hanging digital scales, capable of handling up to 30 tons / 300t (depends on the model). Each cabled remote was designed with the worker in mind, with very large buttons, designed to be used with gloved hands.
2000H Wired Crane Scales
The Ron 2000 series of scales are heavy-duty, yet physically compact. The Ron 2000 is so tiny, it has the smallest headroom loss in the industry. Even so, the largest models are rated for maximum loads of 30 tons (Hook Type model) and up to 300t (Shackle Type model).. Each Ron 2000 is supplied with a cabled remote control.
2000S-Wired Dynamometer
Exceptionally small and lightweight. Low cost and available with wide variety of options.
2125-Wired Dynamomoter
Ron 2125 Wired Dynamometer with 1"/25mm Attachable Display for heavy industries has unique 2000 battery life-up to 300 ton weighing capacity. See options
2150S-Wired Dynamometer
Ron 2150 Wired Dynamometer with 2"/50mm Attachable Display has excellent readability - with 300 ton weighing capacity. See options to enhance performance
2501 Wireless Dynamometer
Ron 2501 Wireless Dynamometer with up to 300 ton weighing capacity Has dynamic 2000 hours battery life with added option of 4000 hours See range of choices

A crane scale is a device that is used to measure force, load, or weight. This is accomplished with strain gauges that are used as means to turn strain into a measurable signal that is proportional to the load applied. Crane scales are set up in such a way that they can easily be connected to hanging equipment while accurately and reliably measuring the amount of tension applied to them. These crane scales are used throughout many different industries including manufacturing, aerospace, offshore, shipping and receiving, and in the entertainment industry.

A wireless crane scale is one that does not need any wires to connect to it. It is powered by long-lasting batteries and as such does not need to be plugged in. Additionally, the measurement data is not output via an analog voltage or current or communicated with a digital communication protocol such as RS-485. Instead, the data is communicated via Bluetooth or RF. This way there is no need to have any cables connecting to your crane scale cleaning up your measurement setup and eliminating the need for cable management.

If you need multiple different crane scales for an application, then Eilon Engineering offers the technology to tie all of those together into a multi-point monitoring system. Whether you need 3 crane scales or 200, you can tie all of them together into a single monitoring system. This allows you to set up a PC, laptop, or tablet to be a monitoring station for many different crane scales.

We have talked about a lot of different things. If you have any questions about the things that we have talked about, what Eilon Engineering offers, lead times, or anything else, feel free to contact us. Our sales team will gladly take your call and answer any questions that you might have. We would love the opportunity to work with you in selecting the perfect precision digital hanging scale for you and your business. So, if you are in the market for one of these or any other measurement device, then give us a call at Eilon Engineering.


In applications where measuring the amount of weight, force, or load that is hanging from a crane or hoist; a highly accurate measurement device is not only desirable but is often critical to the safety of others and production efficiency. Finding a precision digital hanging scale is critical to accurate, reliable, and repeatable measurements. For over 45 years, companies both big and small have relied on the industrial hanging crane scales offered by Eilon Engineering. If you find yourself in need of a crane weighing system device, then do not hesitate to contact us at Eilon Engineering today. With all sorts of different crane scales for sale, we will gladly help you find the perfect crane scale for your application.
When selecting an electronic hanging scale, there are many things to consider. What kind of weight can the device measure and support, how many times can the device be loaded and unloaded, what kind of accuracy is needed, how can the measurement data be read or displayed, and how will the device connect to my other equipment are all very valid questions that should be considered before making a purchase. Fortunately, when purchasing with Eilon Engineering, you can rest assured that we can provide a product that will meet all of your requirements. Our many different load ranges, fatigue rated load cells, high accuracy, customizable data output options, and many other exciting features, have established ourselves as a premier crane scale manufacturer. When there is a need for a hanging crane scale, contact Eilon Engineering for an elegant, reliable solution at competitive pricing.

Eilon Engineering Crane Scales

As we mentioned previously, there is a lot to consider when selecting a hanging scale for any type for a measurement project. So let the experts consider these things for you. Bring your requirements to our experienced sales team, and we will help you figure out what will work best for you and your business. We stand by our products and proudly offer the longest warranty in the entire industry on all of our products. Rest assured that with Eilon Engineering, you can find the perfect hanging scale.
All of our crane scales are made from the highest quality materials offering exceptional quality, durability, and finish. All crane scales are also fatigue rated providing extreme reliability on a product that can withstand the test of time. Long battery life and small weight and dimensions are also important advantages of Ron Crane Scales. Additionally, extremely high accuracy can be achieved across all of our different crane scale products ensuring that you have data that you can trust. These are just some of the reasons why you can trust Eilon Engineering’s crane scales. We have all sorts of hanging scales for sale, so reach out today to find just what you need.

Contact our sales team and we will happily gather your specific requirements and help you select the perfect model for your application. Any other desired customizable features can also be selected with the help of our experienced sales staff who are happy to help and answer any questions that you might have.

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US / Canada / International: 1-888-778-8064

UK: 0800 8620354


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