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Industrial Hanging Scales


The ability to weigh crane loads or to evaluate the load on an existing chain or cable lifting system is extremely valuable in an industrial or commercial environment. Hanging balance scales can be used to verify that the proper amount of raw material is being unloaded at a receiving dock, or to ensure that stage lighting is within the weight limits of the support structure.

Instead of a floor-based scale, industrial hanging scales can be suspended directly from rigging in a building or from the crane’s tackle directly. Furthermore, many of the hanging scales for sale are compact in size, meaning they can be easily transferred from one crane to another, making them truly portable hanging scales. Industrial hanging scales utilize the act of lifting as an opportunity for weighing and thus increases efficiency and reduces costs. 

Industrial Hanging Scales by Eilon Engineering

Eilon Engineering is an industry pioneer when it comes to developing accurate, rugged scales. Many satisfied customers, such as Disney, NASA, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and many others have their digital scales hanging from cranes. Each scale is accurate to within 0.1% of full load, and undergoes rigorous testing, with virtually no chance of fatigue failure from repeated loadings (as long as the Safe Working Load is not exceeded), and a strong, IP-65 rated housing.


Crane Scale with Protective Cage
The Ron 3050 line of scales is the larger version of the Ron 3025 line, handling up to 15 tons and featuring a larger, 2 inch / 50 mm display. They are also available with an optional remote control and a protective cage. The largest model only uses 24.6 inches (572 mm) of headspace.
Crane Scale with Protective Cage
The Ron 3025 line has a high-contrast, 1 inch / 25mm integrated display, and is available for loads of up to 12.5 tons. Besides the display, the Ron 3025 scales are available with an optional remote control for palm of the hand viewing and control. There is also an optional steel cage, for added protection of the scale. The largest Ron 3025 only loses 21.8 inches (554 mm) of headspace. Our dynamometer models are available up to 300 tons
The Ron 2501 series wireless crane scales can weigh up to 30 tons. The wireless remote control has a range of 150 meters, meaning operators can be placed well out of harm’s way while receiving accurate weight data. Optional longer ranges are available The largest Ron 2501 scale only loses 28.3 inches of headspace. Our dynamometer models are available up to 300 tons
2150H Wired Crane Scales
The Ron 2150 line of wired crane scales has a larger, 2 inch / 50 mm backlit display, but is otherwise similar to the Ron 2125 line. Available with maximum loads of up to 30 tons, the larger display can make tracking the load easier at a glance, while keeping operators safe with these heavier loads. The largest scale in the Ron 2150 line only uses 28.3 inches of headspace. Our dynamometer models are available up to 300 tons
2125H Wired Crane Scales
The Ron 2125 series wired scales are available with loads of up to 30 tons. The remote controls are cabled for reliable communication, and have extra large buttons, which workers with gloved hands will appreciate. The 1” backlit display is easily removed from the scale, saving space. The largest scale in the Ron 2125 line only uses 28.3 inches of headspace. Our dynamometer models are available up to 300 tons
2000H Wired Crane Scales
The Ron 2000 series of scales are remote control operated, with the largest scale rated for maximum loads of 30 tons. The largest scale in the Ron 2000 line uses 28.3 inches of headspace. Our dynamometer models are available up to 300 tons

All Eilon Engineering scales are offered with a 5 year warranty.

Headspace loss is the length of “lift” that is occupied by the crane scale. Large headspace loss means the crane cannot lift objects as high. Minimizing headspace loss means minimal performance change (lift height) of the crane, while the weighing scales are hanging from the crane.

These scales are attached using a top shackle. It can simply be detached from one crane and transferred to another, as all of these scales are very portable.

Scale output can be connected to a large, wall-mounted LED display, with numbers up to 5 inches/ 125 mm in height. This is particularly useful in environments where operators must know the load weight, but cannot be near the crane for safety reasons.

The Eilon Engineering Advantage

Eilon Engineering has been in the business of designing and offering compact hanging scales for over 45 years. Their crane scales lead the industry with their low headspace loss, meaning crane clearance will be minimally impacted when using these scales. The rugged construction is a testament to the many years of reliable service they will provide, even in the harshest industrial environments.

Small dimensions for minimal headroom loss

The crane scales made by Eilon Engineering lead the industry in low headspace loss. Their compact size means cranes will not lose much of their lifting height. Furthermore, these crane scales are portable, meaning they can be connected and disconnected to be moved between cranes, lifts or other supporting structures with relative ease. Every crane scale in the line uses under 30 inches of headspace, with many using significantly less than that.

Durable Construction

Eilon Engineering scales are built from aircraft grade alloy steel to ensure long service life. The electronics are mounted on shock absorbers to protect them from vibration and the occasional impact. Some models, such as the Ron 3025 and Ron 3050 are available with optional protective cages, further enhancing their longevity in a heavy manufacturing environment.

Scales have also been tested with 200% proof loading, and have been designed with 5:1 factors of safety (except for the hooks in the hook type models). All Eilon Engineering scales meet ASME BTH-1 and IEC 61508 fatigue standards, meaning they will last for many loading and unloading cycles safely, as long as the system is not overloaded.

Eilon Engineering’s engineering team can help you choose the right hanging weight scale for your facility's needs. Contact them to speak to the experts in load weighing crane scales and load management systems.

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US / Canada / International: 1-888-778-8064

UK: 0800 8620354


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