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Electronic Hanging Scales


During crane loading operations, the weight of the objects or material to be lifted should be known for both safety and quality control. Electronic hanging scales have distinct advantages over analog scales and over floor-mounted scales.
Electronic scales can be easily read, and can be much more accurate than analog scales. The weights from electronic hanging scales can be much more quickly tabulated in a computer, which is especially useful for applications that require multiple crane loads of material, such as filling rail cars with dry goods. As long as the scale can interface the computer, there is no need for keeping a paper log of each load.
With digital scales hanging from the cranes, time and labor are saved. Instead of having to first pick up material, unload it on a floor scale, then pick it back up again, the hanging scales can be placed inline with the crane’s lifting hardware. Weighing scales hanging from the crane’s lifting hardware record the data automatically while material is being transported.

Heavy Duty Hanging Crane Scales by Eilon Engineering

Hanging scale manufacturer, Eilon Engineering, has been designing scales for over 45 years. Serving industries from aerospace, to renewable energy to mining and metallurgy. They offer a wide variety of scale models and load capacities to ensure that customers can reliably and repeatedly measure loads in a safe and efficient manner. The Ron line of crane scales are available with wired and wireless interfaces, and can be connected via serial, USB or Bluetooth to electronic devices and additional displays.


Crane Scale with Protective Cage
The Ron 3050 line of scales are available for loads up to 15 tons. They feature a larger, 2 inch / 50 mm display, but are otherwise similar to the Ron 3025 line. The Ron 3050 can be fitted with an optional, protective cage and remote control, just like the smaller Ron 3025.
Crane Scale with Protective Cage
The Ron 3025 line is available for maximum loads of up to 12.5 tons. It has a high-contrast, 1 inch / 25 mm display, and can be interfaced with an optional remote control. For rugged environments where the scale could be impacted, there is also the option to fit the Ron 3025 line with a protective steel cage.
The Ron 2501 series are wireless, hanging digital crane scales that can weigh up to 30 tons (Hook Type model) and up to 300t (Shackle Type model). It features a wireless radio control that has a range of 150 meters (longer range is optional), meaning operators can be located in the crane cab, or in an office or control station away from the actual crane operation, if need be. They are powered by AA batteries that will last over 2000 hours. (4000 hours optional)
2150H Wired Crane Scales
The Ron 2150 is electronically similar to the Ron 2125, but has a larger, 2 inch / 50 mm display. The larger backlit display makes low-light conditions or viewing the display through safety glasses much easier. These scales are available with load capacities of up to 30 tons.
2125H Wired Crane Scales
The Ron 2125 series are wired, hanging digital scales, capable of handling up to 30 tons / 300t (depends on the model). Each cabled remote was designed with the worker in mind, with very large buttons, designed to be used with gloved hands.
2000H Wired Crane Scales
The Ron 2000 series of scales are heavy-duty, yet physically compact. The Ron 2000 is so tiny, it has the smallest headroom loss in the industry. Even so, the largest models are rated for maximum loads of 30 tons (Hook Type model) and up to 300t (Shackle Type model).. Each Ron 2000 is supplied with a cabled remote control.

Data can be sent through an RS232 port, USB, 4-20 mA control signal, or, with the optional Bluetooth module, connected via Bluetooth to computers, smartphones or tablets as requested by your facility.

Yes. All Eilon Engineering scales are rated to Ingress Protection level 65 (IP65), meaning they are weatherproof. The wireless models are IP67.  They should not be immersed in water, but can withstand rain and water spray.

All Eilon Engineering crane scales and dynamometers are accurate to +/- 0.1% of full scale load.

Only slightly. Eilon Engineering scales have the smallest headspace loss in the industry, meaning the crane will have almost the same lifting range with the scale as without it.

The Eilon Engineering Advantage

Eilon Engineering hanging weight scales are built for virtually any manufacturing or industrial space that requires heavy lifting. Repeat clients, including Disney, NASA, Boeing, and many others have learned the advantages of using portable hanging scales in their day-to-day operations. These crane scales have served in stage equipment lifting for performing arts,  turbine component lifting in the energy sector and many other heavy, but precision lifting operations. They can also improve the safety and quality assurance at your facility due to their ruggedness and reliability under repeated use.

Added Safety

The 5:1 safety factor built into all Eilon Engineering scales guarantees a long, safe service life of each crane scale. Each system has been proof tested to 200% load, further testifying to their capabilities under heavy loading. Furthermore, fatigue failure due to repeated loading is not a concern, as all scales meet ASME BTH-1 and IEC 65108 fatigue testing standards. The scales include built-in shock absorbers for reducing vibration and high accelerations during use. The electronics will be protected and functioning for many years of service.

Portability and Connectivity

Eilon Engineering scales have the smallest headroom loss in the industry, and are lightweight considering their size. This makes the scale portable, easy to handle and easy to install. For operations with multiple cranes, scales can be easily installed and removed as needed.
To collect the data, the hanging balance scales can be interfaced via RS232 or Bluetooth connections, using an optional Bluetooth connection module, meaning pen and paper logs are a thing of the past. They can also output a control signal (4-20 mA) used by Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) so that process decisions based on weight can be made automatically. Data is also displayed on a handheld remote, and optional large, wall mounted displays are available as well.

Eilon Engineering’s engineering team can answer application-specific questions. Let their experience guide you through picking out the proper scale for your application. Contact them for more information about their hanging scales for sale and how a hanging scale can increase your productivity and safety.

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US / Canada / International: 1-888-778-8064

UK: 0800 8620354


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