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1 Ton Dynamometer


Dynamometers: overview

The term dynamometer, aka “dynos” for short, covers several types of related yet distinct pieces of equipment. All are mechanical devices used to measure force, torque, or power, yet how they do this can be significantly different. 

For example, absorption/inertia dynamometers are used to measure power or torque directly, while transmission dynamometers use gears and linkage systems for measurement. There are also hydraulic dynamometers that measure the power output of engines, eddy current dynamometers that use electromagnetic induction to measure engine or motor performance, and others.

And, of course, there are tension or crane dynamometers that are used to measure loads during lifting operations or tension in various applications.


Ron 2000S - Wired Dynamometer
Exceptionally small and lightweight. Low cost and available with wide variety of options.
Ron 2501S - Wireless Dynamometer
Ron 2501 Wireless Dynamometer with up to 300 ton weighing capacity Has dynamic 2000 hours battery life with added option of 4000 hours See range of choices
Ron 2150S - Wired Dynamometer
Ron 2150 Wired Dynamometer with 2"/50mm Attachable Display has excellent readability - with 300 ton weighing capacity. See options to enhance performance
Ron 2125S - Wired Dynamometer
Ron 2125 Wired Dynamometer with 1"/25mm Attachable Display for heavy industries has unique 2000 battery life-up to 300 ton weighing capacity. See options

Dynamometer manufacturers 

Since there are so many types of dynamometers, it’s no wonder that there are many different dynamometer manufacturers out there.

Froude, Inc.

Since 1877, this company has specialized in the manufacturing of hydraulic and eddy current dynamometers.

SAKOR Technologies, Inc.

A manufacturer of different types of dynamometers mainly for the auto industry. It provides dynamometers for test controls and equipment for a wide range of applications.


Handexer produces accurate and reliable hand grip dynamometers—tools to measure grip strength and improve hand health.

Phoenix Dynamometer Technologies LLC

A manufacturer of chassis and engine dynamometers, it offers a comprehensive approach to data acquisition systems, water recirculation systems, and dynamometers.

Eilon Engineering / RON Crane Scales

For close to five decades, Eilon Engineering has earned a global reputation for excellence in the manufacturing of high-quality tension dynamometers, crane scales, and load cells.

Tension Dynamometers are incredibly useful and versatile tools, and are a great addition to many businesses including warehouses, factories, shipping and logistics, and many others.

Among our most popular sizes is the 1-ton dynamometer, which can be used for a variety of small-scale applications.

The load cell and housing of a 1-ton Eilon Engineering dynamometer.


The 1-ton dynamometer: uses and applications

Load testing

A 1-ton dynamometer is commonly used for load testing, ensuring that cranes and other lifting equipment can safely handle their specified loads. This is crucial for compliance with safety regulations and standards.

Material Handling

When lifting heavy materials or equipment, a dynamometer can provide real-time measurements of the applied force, allowing operators to ensure that the load remains within the crane’s safe working limits.

Tension monitoring

In applications where maintaining a specific tension is critical, such as in cable or wire installation, a dynamometer can be employed to monitor and control the tension in real time.

Safety checks

Routine checks using a 1-ton dynamometer help identify any issues with the crane's lifting capacity or the integrity of the lifting gear, contributing to overall safety in construction and industrial settings.

Dynamic load monitoring

1-ton dynamometers with dynamic load monitoring capabilities can be used to assess the impact of sudden movements or shifts in load during lifting operations, helping to prevent overloading and potential accidents.

Shipping and rigging

In logistics and rigging applications, a dynamometer ensures that loads being lifted onto trucks or ships meet the weight specifications and that the lifting equipment is functioning correctly.


In mining, where large loads are moved regularly, dynamometers play a crucial role in assessing and optimizing the efficiency of lifting operations and equipment.

Eilon Engineering dynamometers: basic specs

A 1-ton dynamometer is a great tool. But different applications call for different capacities. That’s why we offer a line of dynamometers that range from 0.5 to 300 tons.

Here are specs for some popular sizes.

1-ton dynamometers

1-ton dynamometers are incredibly lightweight and portable. This capacity dynamometer has countless uses: from weighing fishing nets, to load monitoring stage equipment and more. 

Eilon Engineering 1-ton dynamometers: length & weight




1-ton dynamometers: weight

0.7 pounds

0.3 kg

1-ton dynamometers: length

4.8 inches

123 mm


5-ton dynamometers

Another popular size is the 5-ton dynamometer. And though this versatile tool is strong enough to lift an elephant, it’s still no heavier than a jar of peanut butter!

Eilon Engineering 5-ton dynamometers: length & weight




5-ton dynamometers: weight

1 pound

0.5 kg

5-ton dynamometers: length

5.8 inches

147 mm


10-ton dynamometers

You might think that as the system’s lifting capacity increases, the dynamometer’s size would start to increase exponentially. Not so! Notice the 10-ton dynamometer is still light enough to be carried and installed easily by one person.




10-ton dynamometers: weight

3.1 pounds

1.4 kg

10-ton dynamometers: length

7.7 inches

195 mm


150-ton dynamometers

When it comes to large capacity systems, the 150-ton dynamometer is a popular size. Though strong enough to lift a full-grown adult blue whale—the largest animal to ever live—this dynamometer still keeps headroom loss to a minimum while remaining as lightweight as possible.




150-ton dynamometers: weight

121 pounds

57 kg

150-ton dynamometers: length

22.6 inches

575 mm


1-ton dynamometers: the Eilon advantage

If you’re in the market for a 1-ton dynamometer, Eilon Engineering’s Ron line of weighing systems is an excellent choice. 

With close to five decades of experience, Eilon Engineering has a global reputation for quality, safety, and dependability.

We’ve worked repeatedly with top-notch organizations like NASA, General Motors, Boeing, and countless other customers.

Our commitment to safety means our systems are designed to specifications that meet the highest safety standards. Our Research & Development, manufacturing, and calibration laboratory are certified according to the ISO 9001 total quality management standard and audited by Lloyd’s Register LRQA on site.

Our systems are:

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Highly accurate (0.1% or full scale)
  • Constructed of high-grade aerospace steel
  • Fatigue rated to withstand an unlimited number of lifts (provided the max capacity is never exceeded)

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US / Canada / International: 1-888-778-8064

UK: 0800 8620354


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