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Precision Crane Scales


Crane scales can be found at every level of industry. From high-precision aerospace manufacturing to massive mining operations, a precision crane scale helps to provide reliable measurements to aid in day to day tasks. Data collection for efficiency, multipoint monitoring for inventory tracking, portable Bluetooth crane scales for mobility, and precision crane scales are available in many configurations to fit just about any scenario. Mobile equipment surveyors often carry a digital portable scale as part of their kit. Accurate weight of shipments or deliveries is easily achieved in the field.

When selecting a crane scale for an industrial application it is important to select a model that can both reliably provide accurate measurements and incorporate multiple safety features to protect infrastructure and personnel. Eilon Engineering has been designing and manufacturing precision crane scales for nearly 50 years. Their expertise has helped organizations such as NASA or Lockheed Martin in their precision manufacturing and ore tracking at multiple mines around the world.

A wide range of models and options are available to make your portable crane scale suit your applications best. From various indicators, bluetooth capabilities or on board measurement tracking Eilon Engineering can tailor a system to meet any need. Advanced tracking and automatic inventory control is just one of the many applications that a highly flexible crane scale can offer. A high precision scale also makes it possible to add overload protection to existing equipment or provide slack detection for stabilizing cables and supports. From wind turbine installations to offshore gas platforms, precision crane scales are found in all industries.

Wireless portable scales offer a high degree of mobility. On site measurement is a simple matter with our below the hook digital crane scales. Any crane or hoist can be easily equipped with a precision crane scale and make it possible to accurately measure weights or loads and prevent dangerous overloads. Easily perform weight verification of any item prior to proceeding with lift. Coordinate multiple cranes for super-heavy lifting. Bluetooth load cells make it possible to view multiple portable scales on a tablet or smartphone.

Important Features

  • Long battery life (between 2000 to 4000 hours of battery life) allows easy use of the crane scale in field conditions.
  • Fatigue rated load cells (All Eilon Engineering crane scale bodies are fatigue rated) ensures a practically unlimited number of cycles while using the dynamometer scale, as long as the load cell is not overloaded.
  • Long and reliable transmission range in the wireless scale models allows extra safety for the users as they can stand in a safe distance from the load cell.
  • Wireless models are offered with an IP67 environmental resistance capability making them suitable for wet environments.
  • All Eilon Engineering crane scale systems are offered with a market leading 5 year warranty providing peace of mind.
  • Advanced multipoint capabilities with the use of our bluetooth or USB receivers.

Eilon Engineering Precision Crane Scales

Ron 2000H - Wired Crane Scale
Wired digital scale with hand held indicator. Standard backlit display
Ron 2150H - Wired Crane Scale
Large display wired crane scale with aluminum remote display
Ron 2501H - Wireless Crane Scale
Portable digital scale with wireless communication. Multipoint configurations available

There are many types of crane scales on the market. They are usually classified by their accuracy rating. A precision crane scale has an accuracy rating of 0.1% of full scale or better. The higher the accuracy rating of a crane scale the more suitable it will be in a wider range of applications. Mobile and portable scales make access to this high level of accuracy available almost anywhere. 

In order to be considered a precision instrument, a crane scale should have an accuracy rating of at least 0.1% of full scale. It is important to understand that a crane scale of appropriate capacity be chosen to fit the requirement of a specific application. In general one should choose a crane scale that is of a capacity that is slightly above the maximum expected load. For all other applications you should choose a scale with a capacity that matches that of your lifting equipment. It is not generally recommended to use a scale with a capacity exceeding your lifting equipment.

As with all matters of measurement, precision and accuracy are required for reliable data. High precision data leads to higher quality analysis and tracking. The difference between 0.1% accuracy and 0.2% accuracy can be hundreds of kilos when measuring super heavy loads or hundreds of tons over the lifetime of a scale. Accuracy is also important for process critical measurements such as mold batching done at foundries. 

Crane weighers are used by operations of all types. Any crane or hoist is a potential scale with our portable crane scales. From wind turbine installations to high temperature foundry applications. Aerospace to mining. Whether the intention is to prevent overloads, calculate shipments or simply to provide a reliable means of weighing using existing hoists and cranes, a precision crane is the tool for the job.

Eilon Engineering offers many types of scales. From low cost wired scales to 200 point wireless load cell arrays, bluetooth crane scales and smart inventory applications. Robust heavy duty scales with protective cages or super lightweight wireless scales. There is a scale suited to every requirement.

Contact our sales team for guidance on our various options available. Data loggers, multipoint configurations, external displays and integration with existing software can be arranged with our expert sales team.

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US / Canada / International: 1-888-778-8064

UK: 0800 8620354


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