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Portable Crane Scale


Portable crane scales can bring high accuracy weighing to any site or operation. Small dimensions and lightweight make it possible to easily install mobile crane scales on any existing crane or hoist. Portable crane scales can be transported on site to perform proof load testing, prevent overloads or simply weigh items or materials. 

For any application, high accuracy is critical as it will determine the quality and reliability of any measurements. Portable crane scales by Eilon Engineering are built to provide high accuracy measurement in a user friendly package.

Eilon Engineering has been in the portable crane scale industry for over 46 years. Decades of experience help us deliver highly mobile crane scales with market leading feature sets:

  • 0.1% Accuracy - Reliable measurements
  • Robust designs suitable for almost any environment
  • 2000 hours of battery life for months of worry free operation
  • Wireless models with long transmission ranges
  • 5 year limited warranty - Guaranteed longevity
  • Multipoint capability - Up 200 crane scales cells with a single receiver
  • Fatigue rated load cell bodies - Practically unlimited number of load cycles (provided capacity is not exceeded)
  • IP67 load cells for use in any weather, even offshore
  • Advanced functions: Data logging, cumulative load sum calculation, inventory tracking integration, multiple displays, impact resistant cages, high temperature protection and more

Portable Crane Scales by Eilon Engineering

All portable crane scales models can be offered with additional options: Data logging, multiple displays, PC integration and high temperature applications.


Ron 2501H - Wireless Crane Scale
Digital crane scale with wireless indicator. Extremely portable and easy to use.
Ron 2150H - Wired Crane Scale
igital crane scale with large display aluminum indicator. Display can be attached to the scale
Ron 2125H - Wired Crane Scale
Portable crane scale with aluminum indicator. Display can be held by the scale or in the hand (up to 12.5t).
Ron 2000H - Wired Crane Scale
Portable crane scale with wired handheld indicator. Lightweight and highly accurate.

Cranes scales can be purchased in many shapes and sizes. A portable crane scale is designed for minimum weight and dimensions. A digital portable crane scale can be a vital tool for any operation. Easily turn any existing lifting device into a high accuracy digital scale. Prevent overloads or measure delivered materials for inventory control. There are many types of load cells for cranes. Crane scales are designed for below the hook installation. Making them ideal for adding functionality to existing rigging equipment.

From wind turbine service to offshore gas platforms, portable crane scales are a vital tool appreciated for their lightweight and small dimensions. Easily transported on site, portable industrial crane scales can be used for a variety of tasks including: Proof load testing, Overload Prevention, Precision Lifting, Inventory Control and many more. Below the hook installation on existing cranes or hoists make installation a simple matter. Highly flexible and accurate portable crane scales can add a sense of certainty to delicate lifting operations often occuring in the aerospace industry.

Industries where portable crane scales can be found

  • Wind turbine maintenance and installation
  • Oil and Gas installations
  • Foundries and metallurgy
  • Shipbuilding
  • Aerospace manufacturing
  • Commercial space exploration
  • Manufacturing operations of all sizes
  • Shipping and Transportation
  • Inspections and Surveys
  • Wildlife tracking
  • Super-heavy lifting

Use case scenarios for portable crane scales

Crane inspection services

In order to certify a lifting appliance during its annual inspection and crane inspection company must have the means of verifying a proof load test. A portable crane scale makes it possible to have a high accuracy measurement of the test. Our wireless model is easy to install and transport around the site. Optional data logging capabilities make it possible to record a test with time stamps and all relevant parameters. Additional software can even generate custom printable or digital reports for the site management.

Metal foundry

Seeking to improve efficiency a foundry supervisor would like to track the amount of metal as it is poured from his furnace and determine the number of molds that can be poured from each charge. Once this is understood each charge can be measured before reaching the molds, thereby preventing a failed casting and wasted material. A portable crane scale with heat resistant equipment can be placed to measure each pour both establishing the weight of the charge and the requirement of each mold.

Rebar and Structural Steel Supply

Holding a huge, dynamic inventory of multiple grades and lengths of rebar, a manager sought a way to automatically track incoming shipments and outgoing orders. Each crane and hoist at his yard was equipped with a wireless portable crane scale. Dozens of scales report their measurements to a centralized location. In combination with RFID and barcode scanners incoming shipments are automatically weighed and recorded as they are being lifted from the flatbed semi. The weight is automatically associated with a product code and added to the inventory. Outgoing orders are tracked much in the same manner. Detailed reporting makes sales forecasting more accurate and a dashboard showing live tracking of current inventory allows managers to make quick decisions and keep customers supplied and their projects running.  

Aerospace manufacturing

The construction of craft for human spaceflight or the manufacturing of satellites and other instruments meant for orbit and beyond, is an endeavor requiring great precision and absolute care.
The handling of equipment worth hundreds of millions or more must be done with great care. A crane scale assists operators by providing a live measurement of the load carried by the crane. During a precision drop it is useful to know once a load has been set down and is no longer supported by the crane. During lifting such a measurement can help prevent accidents such as a missed transport anchor.


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US / Canada / International: 1-888-778-8064

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