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Heavy Duty Hanging Scales


For many applications, guessing the mass that is being transported by a crane, or placing the load onto a floor-mounted scale and picking it up again simply won’t do. A much faster and more efficient way to keep track of mass transfers is to use a heavy duty hanging scale that is already inline with the rest of the crane’s tackle.

The use of a hanging crane scale also makes it possible to prevent overload conditions before they occur. Crane scales can track loads to ensure proper composition in the metallurgical industry. They can verify raw material quantities or outgoing product shipment quantities. 

Heavy Duty Hanging Crane Scales by Eilon Engineering

Hanging scale manufacturer, Eilon Engineering, has been designing hanging crane scales for over 45 years. Serving industries ranging from aerospace, to renewable energy to mining and metallurgy, oil & gas, live events and more. They offer a wide variety of hanging crane scale models and capacities to ensure that customers can reliably and repeatedly measure loads in a safe and efficient manner. The Ron line of crane scales are available with wired and wireless interfaces, and can be connected via serial, USB or Bluetooth. Eilon Engineering also offers a range of additional displays.


2000H Wired Crane Scales
The Ron 2000 is a wired, compact yet heavy duty scale with a cabled remote control. The Ron 2000 is so compact, it has the smallest headroom loss in the industry, yet can still handle loads of up to 30 tons.
2125H Wired Crane Scales
The Ron 2125 is also a wired, heavy duty overhead scale with a cabled remote. The 2125 has very large buttons, designed for use with gloved hands. The large backlit display can be read easily in low light or by aging eyes. They are available in models that can handle loads up to 30 tons. The Ron 2125 1” display is attachable up to 12.5t (including) which means that the display can be attached to the load cell or hand held by the user.
2150H Wired Crane Scales
The Ron 2150 is similar to the Ron 2125, but has a larger, 2 inch display. The larger backlit display is easier to read through personal protective equipment (PPE) and in low light conditions. The Ron 2150 is available with load capacities up to 30 tons as well. The Ron 2150 2” display is attachable, which means that the display can be attached to the load cell or hand held by the user.
Crane Scale with Protective Cage
The Ron 3025 is a hanging crane scale that can handle loads of up to 12.5 tons. It is available with an optional protective cage that protects the unit from impact in rugged industrial environments. It features a 1 inch display built into the scale, and can be ordered with an optional remote control.
Crane Scale with Protective Cage
The Ron 3050 features a larger, 2 inch display, but is otherwise similar to the Ron 3025. The Ron 3050 has a larger load capacity as well, with a maximum load of 15 tons. The Ron 3050 is also available with an optional protective cage and remote control, just like its little brother, the Ron 3025.

First, consider your current maximum loads. Then, consider if your facility will be expanding and may need to handle heavier loads. Also, consider if your process will be more efficient if heavier loads are handled. If the plant is expanding or would be more efficient handling heavier loads, then consider a scale that is +20% higher than your maximum load (or bigger per new requirements).

Each wireless hanging crane scale is certified to Ingress Protection 67 (IP67), meaning it can withstand temporary water immersion at limited depth and time. Each indicator is rated to IP65, meaning it is water resistant, including brief water jets. So are the other models.

Yes! Inline hanging scales allow the load to be measured directly, rather than transferred to the floor scale, and then transferred again to their destination. It saves time, energy and money, through reduced materials handling.

Yes, the scales can be connected to computers via USB or serial ports. There is an optional module that can turn the scale into a bluetooth hanging scale, for easy access from tablets or smartphones.


The Eilon Engineering Advantage

Eilon Engineering heavy duty hanging scales are built for rough industrial and manufacturing environments. They are in use in virtually every industry, with many repeat clients that include NASA, Boeing, Siemens and many others. These crane scales have found service in the petroleum and natural gas industry, testifying to their ability to withstand harsh environments. They have been used in the wind turbine industry, which requires precision load balancing and accuracy. They can also benefit your facility due to their durable construction and reliability.

Added Safety

All Eilon Engineering scales have been designed with excellent safety factors. The load cell bodies are designed with a 5:1 safety factor, and the hooks are designed to a 4:1 safety factor. Furthermore, each system has been proof-tested to 200% of capacity. This means Eilon Engineering crane scales can be trusted to provide many years of safe service.

Fatigue Strength

Repeated cycling of loading and unloading can cause all sorts of problems in scales, ranging from measurement errors to fatigue failure. Eilon Engineering scales are known for their industry-leading accuracy of +/- 0.1% of full range. Furthermore, all Eilon Engineering scales meet multiple fatigue design standards, such as ASME BTH-1 and IEC 65108, meaning they will last for many years of repeated cycling As long as the system’s capacity is not exceeded.

Ease of Use

These overhead crane scales can be configured quickly, and attached and detached from the crane in a matter of minutes. The data can be displayed on a handheld remote, a separate wall-mounted display, or stored in data acquisition software for later analysis. They can be combined with data from other scales to balance loads using the MultiPoint Load Monitoring software system, also offered by Eilon Engineering.

Contact Eilon Engineering to consult their engineering team. They can help you find the electronic hanging scale that is right for your application.

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US / Canada / International: 1-888-778-8064

UK: 0800 8620354


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