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Crane Scale Kit


Eilon Engineering Crane Scale Kits

A wide variety of models and options packages are available for our crane scale equipment. Contact our sales team for advance configurations, such as multipoint solutions, automation and integration


Ron 2501H - Wireless Crane Scale
Radio crane scale for easy below the hook installation. Long range transmission (150m standard, longer ranges available)
Ron 2150H - Wired Crane Scale
Crane scale kit with large display aluminum indicator. Display can be attached to the scale.
Ron 2125H - Wired Crane Scale
Crane scale kit with aluminum indicator. Display can be held by the scale or in the hand (up to 12.5t)
Ron 2000H - Wired Crane Scale
Crane scale kit with wired handheld indicator. High accuracy in a small package

A crane scale will include the load measuring device (load cell) and a display unit. The display unit could be wired to the load cell or the load cell could transmit its measurement wirelessly. Some crane scales kits have a display built around the load cell making a fully enclosed system.

Due to their convenient size and high performance a crane scale kit can add functionality to existing lifting equipment. Any hoist or crane can easily become a weighing appliance. Crane scale kits install directly below the hook with a very limited loss of clearance height. Once installed, a crane scale kit can accurately measure weights allowing for overload prevention, inventory control and more.

Crane scale equipment will include a load cell and a display. A standard digital crane scale is a very straightforward tool for measuring loads or weights. A wireless crane scale makes it possible to transmit measurement over long distances, such a kit would include a portable wireless load cell and one or more display units.

Once installed on a crane it becomes possible to easily weigh materials, prevent overloads and perform precision lifting and placing. A digital crane scale can automatically calculate cumulative loads from multiple lifts, simplifying the loading and unloading of deliveries. The extreme portability and ease of installation makes crane scale kits ideal for use with existing lifting equipment. Crane scale equipment can replace a platform scale. Since a crane scale kit can be easily installed on any crane or hoist, weighing can be added to any process where lifting takes place.

Crane scale kits are a type of weighing device that are used in a variety of industries, including construction, manufacturing, and shipping. Crane scale kits are typically attached to a crane or other lifting device, and are used to accurately weigh large and heavy items. One of the key features of crane scales is their durability and reliability. These scales are designed to withstand the rigors of heavy use in industrial environments, and are built to last. Fatigue rated load cells and impact resistant housing ensure your scale will have a long operating life.

Another important feature of crane scale equipment is their high accuracy of 0.1%. These scales are typically calibrated to provide extremely accurate measurements This allows for precise measurement of weights, even for very large and heavy loads. In addition, many digital crane scales are equipped with advanced features, such as digital displays and remote readout capabilities, which make it easy to view and record weight measurements. 

Eilon Engineering has been in the business of crane scale equipment design and development for over 47 years. 
From simple integrated display crane scales to advanced wireless crane scales there is a model to fit any application. Decades of experience has resulted in a highly refined, field proven design. Exceptionally small and lightweight, Eilon Engineering’s Ron Crane Scales line of digital scales are the ideal choice for any operation looking to improve their process. Customers such as Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, NASA along with Disney and Cirque du Soleil place their trust in Eilon Engineering when it comes to reliability and accuracy.

Crane scales kits can be found in almost every industry, from raw ore processing to satellite assembly and military applications. Radio load cells have also found a place in various oil & gas and offshore applications including wind turbine installation and service. A mobile crane scale is designed to be highly portable and easy to install. Any operation using a crane or hoist can potentially use a digital crane scale kit to weigh anything on the spot.

Advanced Applications

Multiple wireless cranes scales are capable of transmitting their measurements to a central location.
Up to 200 radio crane scales can be received by a USB receiver for display on a PC. A bluetooth receiver can display up to 75 wireless crane scales on a tablet or smartphone. Track the activity of multiple cranes, use gathered data to update inventories. Coordinate complex multi crane cooperative lifting. Perform high precision lifting or detect overloads throughout a site.

Common Uses for Crane Scale Kits

  • Wind turbine service and installation
  • Offshore natural gas and oil extraction
  • Steel smelting and metallurgy
  • Shipyards
  • Oil & gas
  • Aerospace assembly
  • Space exploration
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Inspections and Certification
  • Complex heavy lifting

Advantages of Eilon Engineering Crane Scales

  • High accuracy - 0.1% of full scale
  • Heavy duty design ready for most environments
  • Long battery life - 2,000 hours (4,000 -10,000 hours optional on wireless models)
  • Long reliable transmission range on wireless models
  • 5 year limited warranty - We stand by our products
  • Multiscale capability - Up 200 crane scales cells with a single receiver
  • Fatigue rated load cell bodies - Practically unlimited number of load cycles (provided capacity is not exceeded)
  • IP67 wireless load cells for use in any conditions, even marine conditions
  • Advanced functions: Data logging, cumulative load sum calculation, inventory tracking integration, multiple displays, impact resistant cages, high temperature protection and more

Need guidance in choosing the system that is right for you?
Contact Eilon Engineering’s knowledgeable sales team today.

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US / Canada / International: 1-888-778-8064

UK: 0800 8620354


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