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Crane Scales 2000 kg


Eilon Engineering’s 2000kg Crane Scales

Eilon Engineering offers several different models of crane scales. Each of these models comes with a variety of different options that can be added as needed. 

Each of these models offers their own unique features bundled with a myriad of additional optional features. Depending on whether you need a simple crane scale with a handheld display, a wireless crane scale that allows you to remotely monitor, or a protective cage, Eilon Engineering has a product that will meet and exceed your expectations. If you are in the market for a high-quality electronic crane scale that you can rely on for many years, then do not hesitate to reach out to us at Eilon Engineering.

Crane Scale with Protective Cage
(Protective Cage, 2”/50mm Display, Lots of Options)
Crane Scale with Protective Cage
(Protective Cage, 1”/25mm Display, Good for loads up to 12.5 tons)
2501 Wireless Crane Scale
(Wireless crane scale, long battery life, up to 30 ton weighing capacity)
2150H Wired Crane Scales
(Wired crane scale, 2”/50mm Attachable display, designed for heavy-duty use)
2125H Wired Crane Scales
(Wired crane scale, 1”/25mm Attachable display, designed for heavy-duty use)
2000H Wired Crane Scales
(Wired crane scale, low cost, handheld load indicator)

As we have mentioned, there are a wide variety of crane scales offered by Eilon Engineering that allow you to get data wirelessly. How exactly does this work? First off, the crane scales themselves will output the measurement data via radio frequency. This radio frequency signal is captured by an RF receiver. This device takes the radio frequency data and then makes it accessible via Bluetooth. This allows you to access the data from any Bluetooth compatible device such as a tablet, laptop, or smartphone.
This method of passing the data offers a lot of advantages. First off, the radio frequency messages sent from the crane scales are capable of extremely long distances (several km/miles). This means your measurement devices can be very far away from where you are monitoring them. Secondly, the Bluetooth output makes it incredibly easy to have access to live and historical data. This technology is what makes Eilon Engineering’s Bluetooth crane scales so great.

Oftentimes, you do not realize you need something until you go to use it. Ordering complex equipment like a crane scale can often have very long lead times. This can potentially put you and your company weeks or even months behind. With Eilon Engineering, this is no longer a concern!
Eilon proudly ships their product from available stock. That means that Eilon Engineering holds a wide variety of Ron crane scales, load cells, portable load cells, hanging scales, dynamometers, and load meters in stock. This makes the lead times incredibly short. You can have a brand-new crane scale in your hands within just a few days. This can help you keep your company on track with your own deadlines.

When your company runs into a measurement challenge, it is rare that your needs exactly match up with the needs of someone else. That is why it is hard to find a one-size fits all product. As such, customization can allow for a generic product to be custom tailored to meet the specific needs of your measurement challenge. Eilon Engineering is proud to offer customization of our products to make sure you find exactly what you need.
The available customizable options on our crane scales will vary from model to model but they include:

  • Waterproof Sealing Level (IP 65, IP 67)
  • High Temperature Capabilities
  • Protective Cages
  • Displays
  • Longer Life Batteries
  • Internal Data Loggers
  • USB or RS-232 Outputs
  • Analog Outputs
  • Wired and Wireless Communication

All of the mentioned features are available to help tailor your system to meet your exact needs. When you have a problem and you come up with a solution, you do not want to have to modify your solution in order to accommodate a certain component in that solution. You want to find a product that simply and easily meshes with the other components in order to reach your solution. Eilon Engineering’s customization makes that easy to do. That way you can build your own perfect crane weigher system.

If you are in the market for a high-quality, long-lasting, and industry-proven crane scale for your company’s measurement needs, then look no further than Eilon Engineering. Whether you are in the market for a 2000kg crane scale or a 300 ton crane scale, Eilon Engineering offers an array of products that can be used to tackle any weight measurement problem. With over 45 years leading the crane scale manufacturer industry, you can trust in our products to provide you accurate and reliable weight measurement data. For jobs both big and small, you can rely on Eilon Engineering for your hanging crane scale needs.
Regardless of the reason that you are looking to purchase a crane scale, you want it to be a reliable, heavy-duty crane scale. Combined in the cutting-edge crane scales offered by Eilon Engineering are fatigue rated bodies that can be loaded and unloaded a practically infinite number of times without failure (provided capacity is not exceeded). In addition, all crane scales are made from high-quality aerospace grade steel to ensure they can stand the test of time. If you throw in an incredibly long-lasting battery life and an industry leading 5 year warranty, there really is no beating the products offered by Eilon Engineering at very competitive pricing. If you need an industrial crane scale for your company’s weight and force measurement applications, then give us a call today and our overhead crane scale experts will get started on finding the perfect product for you.

Contact Our Crane Scale Professionals

So, if you are looking for a crane scale for your company, trust in Eilon Engineering to help you find the perfect product. Our trained and experienced professionals are happy to answer any questions that you might have about crane scales in general or our products specifically. Together, we can help you find the perfect crane scale that checks all the boxes. Whether you are in need of a 2000kg crane scale or a 300 ton crane scale, we are confident that we have the perfect product. Give us a call today and we can get you started on the path of measuring weight with a crane scale!

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US / Canada / International: 1-888-778-8064

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US / Canada / International: 1-888-778-8064

UK: 0800 8620354


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