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Destruction Tests

Recommended models for this application:
RON 2000 Shackle and RON 2000 HookRON 2125 Shackle and RON 2125 HookRON 2150 Shackleand RON 2150 HookRON 2501 Shackle and RON 2501 HookRON 3025RON 3050

Strength tests (which are a type of destruction test) simulate the loads applied in reality and determine the strength of a component or material by verifying the load values that will cause the component or material to fail. For this reason, strength tests are important for ensuring safety. 

The following features make RON crane scales, load cells, hanging scales and electronic dynamometers especially suitable for destruction tests: 


The RON crane scale, hanging scale, load cell and electronic dynamometer series provide minimum headroom loss, thanks to their small dimensions.
Since destruction tests are usually performed indoors, minimum headroom loss is important because of headroom restrictions.
The RON crane scales, electronic dynamometers, load cells and hanging scales dimensions are particularly small and they are very light in weight. Thanks to their small dimensions and low weight, RON crane scales, load links and electronic dynamometers provide portability which is important for convenient and efficient on-site testing.
All RON crane scales, hanging scales, load cells and electronic dynamometers offer a peak hold (max. value) function which is useful for strength tests as it indicates the highest load measurement recorded. When the tested material or component fails, it is often difficult to determine the exact load value that caused the failure. The peak hold function indicates the highest load recorded which is equal to the load that caused the failure in the material or component.



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