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Ron 2125 Shackle Type

Dynamometer with 1" Attachable Display

The highly portable Ron 2125 is an extremely small and lightweight wired dynamometer especially suited for low headroom or applications requiring high portability.

Featuring extremely long battery life , the Ron 2125 can operate up to 2000 hours on AA disposable batteries.

Made from aerospace steel, the Ron 2125 includes fatigue rated load cells for increased safety.

Unique in its design, the Ron 2125 features 90 degrees between shackle holes for increasing safety and accuracy by reducing bending of the load cell.

Separate load cell and attachable indicator (up to 12.5 cap) for safety and durability.

The Ron 2125 features high accuracy (0.1% of full scale).

Often used in offshore, wind turbines maintenance and other heavy industries.

Its durable and shock absorbing design makes it especially suitable for harsh conditions.

The Ron 2125 is available with advanced options like data loggers, serial/USB outputs or wired/wireless communication with PCs, printers and additional displays.

Eilon Engineering - 40 years of excellence in load monitoring.

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Wired Shackle Type Dynamometer




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