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Shipment Weighing

Ron Industrial dynamometer, hanging scale, crane scale and load cell series are often used for shipment weighing by integrating weight measurement into the loading and unloading shipment weighing helps to increase safety and efficiency, as well as reduce costs:  

  1. Checking suppliers’ reports regarding incoming shipments.

  2. Reducing outgoing shipments costs.

  3. Overload detection and prevention.


With over 40 years of experience, Ron Crane Scales, and tension load links are especially suitable for shipment weighing:


  • Low headroom loss makes them suitable for indoor applications.

  • Their low weight and small size, as well as their long battery life make them portable - important for on site load monitoring.

  • Since Ron Crane Scales are fatigue rated and made of aerospace steel, they offer longevity and safety, making them an extremely effective tool for overload detection and prevention.

  • Advanced wireless transmission and multi point load monitoring capability help factories increase efficiency and monitor all lifting activities as a real time load map on one PC  / mobile device screen


Recommended Models

Ron 2000-S

Ron 2125-S

Ron 2150-S

Ron 2501-S

Ron 2000-H

Ron 2125-H

Ron 2150-H

Ron 2501-H

Ron 3050

Ron 3025







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