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Multi-Point Load Monitoring

Eilon Engineering harnessed its more than 40 years of experience and advanced wireless load monitoring technology towards the development of multi point load monitoring systems: Ron StageMaster and Ron CraneMaster.

These systems can monitor tens and even hundreds of load cells, either with wired or wireless communication, and present all of them as a real time load map on one screen (laptop, iPad or iPhone).

Their very long battery life (5000h) enables continuous load monitoring for months, very important from a safety point of view.

More safety features include fatigue rated load cells, high quality aerospace steel and 90 degrees between shackle holes.

Additional advantages includes downloadable report of months of measurements, groups for more precise load monitoring, each group with its overload and underload pre adjusted values and set point for immediate E-stop.

Multi point load monitoring is necessary in the following scenarios:

Heavy complex lifting:

Due to the phenomena in physics called “Statically Indeterminate Structures”, whenever there are more than two hanging points on a truss or more than three hanging points on a structure, load distribution is unpredictable and might lead to a dangerous overload and should be avoided at all costs.

Heavy objects are lifted in the aerospace industry, in oil & gas, nuclear plants, heavy industries and live stage events.

The way to prevent this uneven load distribution is by continuous load monitoring and taking quick preventive actions when an overload starts to develop.

Advanced Logistics and Stock Management:

Continuous multi point load monitoring can help optimizing logistics, fleet routes, beehive honey production monitoring, monitoring underground garbage bins, filling of silos, provisioning of ice, etc.

Hundreds of load cells measure important load data and transmit it to a control room, where all measurements are presented in real time, and enable important decision making while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.  


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