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NASA / Aerospace
Eilon Engineering is immensely proud to celebrate more than forty years in the worldwide load monitoring market and more than twenty years of technical sales to NASA.
Stage Safety
In live events, many tons of equipment are suspended above hundreds and even thousands of people.
Ron StageMaster is the load monitoring system of choice for venues, rigging companies and touring shows around the world.
Overload Prevention
Dangerous overload situations may occur during lifting activities for several reasons. The first one being not knowing the lifted load‘s weight. When the weight is unknown, no matter how experienced the crane operator is, weight evaluations are not accurate enough and may cause a dangerous overload.
Weighing in Foundries
In foundries and other hot temperature industries that deal with casting and forging activities, there is a need for wireless crane scales. Crane scales with wireless data transmission are imperative because a cable would not survive the heat. Ron wireless crane scale and tension dynamometer series is available with high quality, advanced heat shields. Heat shields provide important protection for foundry crane scales and enable them to operate in the difficult conditions and high temperatures that exist in this environment.
Weighing During Manufacture
Manufacturing processes often involve lifting activities. Crane scales, load cells, dynamometers and hanging scales enable the lifting stages to be utilized for weighing the lifted loads, instead of taking them to be weighed separately.
Shipment Weighing
Ron Industrial dynamometer, hanging scale, crane scale and load cell series are often used for shipment weighing by integrating weight measurement into the loading and unloading shipment weighing helps to increase safety and efficiency, as well as reduce costs:
Controlled Cable Tensioning
Electricity line and communication towers, big tents and other structures that are supported by guy wires can be affected by changes in cable length attributed to to temperature changes. These changes could lead to cable failure.
Bollard pull tests - tug boats / drag force measurement
Dynamometers, when used as pull scales, are used for load and force testing as well as pull test applications, including drag force testing. Several examples of force testing: Testing drag force of rescue vehicles, plows, and of course tug boats which is also known as the Bollard pull test.
Proof Tests
Crane load tests and proof tests verify that a device or structure complies with its specification and safety requirements. The proof tests help to prevent a failure of the device or structure, as such a failure might result in an accident.
Wind Turbines
As the wind power construction boom continues demand for high quality load measuring devices continues to climb. In the wind power industry, Eilon Engineering dynamometers and crane scales are constantly being used in the construction, testing, and maintenance of wind turbines, mainly for overload prevention, proof load tests, installation and guy wires tension control.
Eilon Engineering harnessed its more than 40 years of experience and advanced wireless load monitoring technology towards the development of multi point load monitoring systems: Ron StageMaster and Ron CraneMaster.
Other applications
For the last 40 years we have been weighing heavy aerospace, military, offshore and wind turbine parts.



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