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Shipment Weighing

Recommended models for this application:
RON 2000 Shackle and RON 2000 Hook, RON 2125 Shackle and RON 2125 Hook, RON 2150 Shackle and RON 2150 Hook, RON 2501 Shackle and RON 2501 Hook, RON 3025, RON 3050
Relevant option: RS-232 Totalizer

Dynamometer, Hanging Scale, Load Cell, Crane Scale Industrial dynamometer, hanging scale, crane scale and load cell series are used for shipment weighing, when the lifting stage in the loading and unloading procedure is also used for weighing. Knowing the exact outgoing or incoming shipment weights help manufacturers and service providers to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

For example:

Using industrial hanging scales, dynamometers, crane scales and load cells for weighing incoming raw materials during unloading enables verification of suppliers' reports which can result in significant savings.
Weighing incoming raw materials also facilitates advanced stock management.

Industrial dynamometers, crane scales, load cells and hanging scales are also used for weighing outgoing finished products. Knowing the exact outgoing shipment weight helps to reduce transportation costs.

Another shipment weighing application for industrial crane scale, hanging scale, dynamometer and load cell sereies is weighing the shipment being loaded on to a truck in order to prevent truck overload.
Using a crane scale and load cell solution for preventing overload on trucks is important for several reasons:
(a) An overloaded truck is dangerous as it is more prone to accidents.
(b) Wear and tear of the roads is increased by overloaded trucks.
(c) Police enforcement and fines for overloaded trucks.

The RON crane scales, load cells, dynamometers and hanging scales for industrial weighing have several unique features which make them ideal for shipment weighing applications.

RS-232: Digital output for communication with printers and computers. Enables printing reports in real time showing all the weights and facilitates advanced inventory management.

Data logger: Enables logging of all measurement values (with or without the exact time they were recorded) and printing them at a later stage.

Totalizer: Calculates the accumulated load of several different loadings.
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