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Proof Tests

Dynamometers Load Cells Crane Scales Hanging Scales Crane scales, dynamometers, portable load meters, hanging scales and portable load cells are used for weighing during lifting, crane load monitoring, overload prevention and proof test applications.

Proof testing includes both anchoring points and lifting equipment proof tests:

Proof tests for lifting equipment: lifting equipment must be checked in order to make sure that it complies with its safety factors and specifications. The proof tests are conducted both when the equipment is new as well as periodically.

Proof tests for anchoring points: Anchoring points usually anchor equipment to a fixed point, for example, to a ship's deck.
The anchoring points must able to secure the equipment even in extreme conditions (stormy weather etc.)

Lifting equipment and anchoring point proof tests check the equipment and structures under greater loads than normal in order to make sure that they comply with their specifications and safety requirements.

A failure in a device or structure might result in an accident. For this reason proof tests are important as they may detect and prevent such a failure.

RON Crane scale, dynamometer, hanging scale, portable load meter and portable load cell series have several unique features that make them especially suitable for crane load monitoring and proof tests:

All the RON hanging scales, crane scales, dynamometers, portable load cells and portable load meters offer a peak hold (max. value) function. The peak hold shows the highest value recorded.

All the RON dynamometer, portable load cell, crane scale, hanging scale and portable load meter series are portable which facilitates convenient and efficient on-site testing. This portability is possible thanks to the systems' light weight and small dimensions.

All RON systems provide minimum headroom loss thanks to their small dimensions. In indoor applications, minimum headroom loss is important and sometimes even essential.

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