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Common Application and Benefits

Hanging scales and crane overload indicators for weighing during lifting, overload detection, force measurement, cable tension control, traction / load test and measuring.


Using a digital hook crane scale to check suppliers' reports by weighing incoming raw materials.
Transportation / Carriage charges: Checking cost of transportation by weighing shipments prior to loading, using a hanging crane load cell.
Avoiding truck overload fines by weighing the loaded goods with hanging scales.
Preventing potential wastage or damage caused by excess molten material in foundry ladles, by using a casting / foundry hanging crane scale for hot temperature work. A wireless hanging crane scale with radio transmitter (radio link) is especially suitable for high temperature applications.
Using hoist hanging scales for weighing loads in real time during manufacturing processes while lifting, where loads were previously sent to truck scales.
Weighing parts using low headroom industrial crane scales, by either telemetry or cable, for stock control and advanced stock management.
Shipbuilding: each section is weighed by a shipyard hanging crane scale during assembly, and thus the total weight of the vessel is known on completion. Eilon's watertight and dust sealed crane scales are especially suitable for this application.


Meeting legislation requirements (proof tests, overload prevention, etc..).
Proof test: Using a portable dynamometer for testing lifting equipment including all types of cranes (tower cranes, overhead cranes, etc.)
Overload control: Reducing risk of accidents by means of overload detection and overload prevention, using a load limit switch as an overload detector.
Load indicators and hanging scales help to confirm actual weights in accident investigations.


Using a dynamometer load cell as a digital tension link scale for overhead electricity lines / cables and antenna guy wire cable tension tests.


Using electronic dynamometers with underwater capability for off-shore force measurement to monitor fishing nets exposed to drag forces.
Special waterproof, off-shore load cells and transducers for multi-buoy mooring load monitoring and overload prevention systems for vessels, loading and unloading fuel between sea and shore.
Cable tension measuring for rail wagons using a load indicator as a special protection system to prevent overload and slack cable.
Controlling conveyor tension force.


Using a digital dynamometer as a tension load meter and overload detector for force and load measurement and control:
  • Rescue vehicle drag force measurement
  • Cable tension measurement
  • Bollard pull test
  • Airplane seats
  • Anchoring points
  • Destruction test
  • Lifting equipment, especially winches, hoists etc. for proof testing
  • Measuring tension in rigging on the forestry of racing boats by yacht designers
  • Mobile Irrigation system
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