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Weighing During Manufacture

Recommended models for this application:
RON 2000 Shackle and RON 2000 Hook, RON 2125 Shackle and RON 2125 Hook, RON 2150 Shackle and RON 2150 Hook, RON 2501 Shackle and RON 2501 Hook, RON 3025, RON 3050
Relevant option: RS-232

Manufacturing processes often involve lifting activities. Crane scales, load cells, dynamometers and hanging scales enable the lifting stages to be utilized for weighing the lifted loads, instead of taking them to be weighed separately (for example, on truck scales in the yard).

Utilizing the lifting stage for two different goals increases efficiency during manufacturing processes.

Dynamometers Crane Scales Hanging Scales Load Cells Dynamometer, Hanging Scale, Load Cell, Crane Scale

For example:

1. When cutting steel rolls, the raw material is lifted and carried to the cutting machine. Overhead crane scales and hanging scales enable the rolls to be weighed before and after they are cut. The information obtained is important for both manufacturing and inventory management and illustrates the utilization of existing processes for improved efficiency. RON dynamometer, load cell, crane scale and hanging scale series have several unique features that make them especially suitable for this type of application:

Large displays enable convenient and safe reading of the results even in harsh manufacturing conditions.
Data communication output (RS-232) enables integration of the data received into the factory's logistics data base.
Set Points
Dynamometers Crane Scales Hanging Scales Load Cells Swivel Hook

And other important features.

2. Crane scales and hanging scales are used for overhead weighing of incoming raw materials during the reception stage.
When the raw materials are lifted and unloaded, the lifting stage is also used for weighing. The weighing process helps to verify suppliers' reports as well as improving inventory management.
RON load cells, dynamometers, hanging scales and crane scales have several special features that enable convenient and efficient working while reducing manufacturing costs. For example: RS-232, Data Logger, Totalizer, Set Points, Swivel Hook and more.

3. In hot temperature industry applications (foundries, etc.), overhead, wireless, hanging crane scales are used during the casting process for weighing foundry ladles while they are being lifted.
Weighing the ladles filled with molten material enables the addition of an exact percentage of additives which is very important in this industry. Weighing the foundry ladles also prevents potential wastage or damage caused by excess molten material.
RON wireless hanging scale, crane scale, dynamometer and load cell series offer several unique features that provide important benefits to users. These benefits are possible thanks to the latest wireless technologies integrated in the RON 2501 series of wireless crane scales, dynamometers and hanging scales.

4. Shipbuilding: During assembly, each section is weighed by hanging crane scales as it is lifted, and thus there is no need to weigh the whole vessel in order to determine its total weight on completion. RON crane scales, dynamometers, hanging scales and swivel hook crane scales are especially suitable for this purpose thanks to their water resistant and dust sealing properties.

In addition to all the above benefits of cost reduction and improved efficiency, RON Crane Scales, Dynamometers and hanging scales enhance safety as they help to detect and prevent dangerous overload situations.
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