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Advantages of Eilon Engineering Products

Eilon crane scale, hanging scale, loadcell and dynamometer series have several unique advantages:
Special design ensuring the user's safety, light and miniature load cell enabling portability and minimum headroom loss, user calibration, and more.

For safety, RON dynamometers, load cells, hanging scales and crane scales are available with either large displays (up to 2"/50mm), hand-held indicators, or both i.e. dynamometers and crane scales with removable displays.
As part of Eilon Engineering's policy regarding the question of safety when lifting, all its load meters have been designed with the intention of eliminating the user's need to approach the load in order to read the measurement. Consequently, Eilon Engineering's load meters are available with either large displays (up to 2"/50mm), hand-held indicators, or both i.e. dynamometers and crane hanging scales with removable displays. All these enable the result to be read from a safe distance.
RON dynamometers, load cells, hanging scales and crane scales are considerably smaller and lighter than other alternatives.
As a result, they are portable, supplied in small carrying cases, have rechargeable batteries and are convenient for working on-site. This special feature enables Eilon Engineering systems to enjoy a significant advantage in the portable use market segment for all those applications that involve frequent carrying of systems, working on-site, climbing high poles (electricity companies), etc.
Their short length also ensures minimum headroom loss. This is a significant advantage in factories and roofed buildings where height is limited.
In these segments Eilon Engineering systems' advantages are clear, being the world's lightest and smallest dynamometers, significantly smaller and lighter than any other available alternative.
Eilon load cells (force transducer) have a unique design. The shackle holes are rotated 90° in relation to each other.
This design prevents external moments that may cause accidents and reduce accuracy.
Eilon's wide variety of over 12 different types of load meters can answer almost any customer need and budget:
With over 12 different standard models, any need can be met:
Sophisticated or simple
Large or small display
Indicator held in the user's hand or hung on the load cell
With or without connection to computers and printers
With cable or wireless
Eilon systems are supplied in 19 different capacities:
All RON crane load cell systems (except for the crane scales), are available in the following capacities: 0.25t, 0.5t, 1t, 2t, 3t, 5t, 10t, 12.5t, 15t, 20t, 25t, 30t, 40t, 50t, 80t, 125t, 200t, 250t, 300t.
RON crane scales, hanging scales, load cells and dynamometers force measurement instruments have a variety of functions allowing efficient working on-site:
In addition to Eilon Engineering's basic crane load cell models, there are those which offer the following wide variety of functions:
* Push-button zero/tare.
* User-calibration.
* User-selectable measuring units.
* Sleep mode.
* Number of measurements per second.
* User-selectable baud rate.
* Peak hold (maximum value).
* Totalizer (for summing-up accumulated loads).
* User set points setting.
* Data logging option (600 or 3000 measurements). No other system in the world
   has this function!
* Connection to computers and printers
Eilon systems are one of the most accurate systems available in the market: up to 0.05% of rated capacity.
Short delivery times: RON dynamometers, load cells and crane scales are supplied from stock.
Convenient for the end-user and distributor: simple to operate, user-calibration, no factory servicing required:
While some other systems must be sent to the manufacturer or to a special laboratory for calibration, our systems are user-calibrated.
Unique features:
The RON 2150 has two exclusive features:
The removable display enables the user to hold the indicator in his hand and use it as a dynamometer, or snap it very easily onto the load cell and use it as an extremely low headroom Crane Weigher.
A unique combination of the smallest and lightest load cell, with a very large 2" (50 mm) display sets new standards in the dynamometer market.
The RON 3050 is the first and only Crane Weigher available in the market with a double back-to-back display. This feature ensures readability from any angle.
RON load cells, dynamometers, crane and hanging scales are attractively priced.
When compared to alternative products of similar specification: i.e., with the same level of features (standard remote indicator, variety of functions etc.), it is clear that RON dynamometers, load cells and crane scales are attractively priced.
RON dynamometers, load cells and crane scales can be fully adapted to customers' needs:
For customers with special requirements, Eilon Engineering offers a staff of expert engineers who can work together with the customer to adapt the systems to his requirements or, if necessary, can design and develop custom-made systems to meet his special needs.
During recent years, Eilon Engineering has supplied customized systems for large-scale international projects with great success.
RON dynamometers, load cells and crane scales have been developed after many years of experience and with a profound understanding of the needs of the end user.

RON Crane Scales range of products includes crane scales, dynamometers, load cells and overload detectors.

RON Crane Scales excel in high quality, are based on the latest technologies and comply with the strictest safety standards.

RON Crane Scales offer a wide variety of models, features and advanced options, some of which are unique to RON Crane Scales. For example: The internal thermometer for the wireless crane scales and dynamometers which is very important when using crane scales and dynamometers in hot environments such as foundries. Thanks to the internal thermometer the user will know exactly when to take the crane scales or dynamometers away from the hot area and allow it to cool down.

RON Crane Scales models which include dynamometers, crane scales, load cells and overload detectors offer compact dimensions for both portability and minimum headroom loss, while maintaining a high safety factor.

RON Crane Scales products have been designed to ensure the user's safety by having a standard remote display for all crane scales and dynamometers, or removable displays or large integral displays that can be seen from almost any direction. These features enable the dynamometers and crane scales users to read the measurements from a safe distance.

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